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When you want to start a candy store business, the first thing is to complete a store design. A typical store design must include a 3D rendering design, Layout design, construction drawing design(also known as a blueprint), and so on.

Design is critical before you start to build the store. Whether opening an inline store or creating a mobile candy kiosk in the shopping mall, you must work out a practical design. Through the design, you can exactly have a clear idea of what you are hunting for.

Candy-Display offers a wide range of candy store interior design, retail display design, and shop decoration ideas. Check below our latest projects.

Candy Store 3D Design

The 3D design is the first step for the business owner, and the designer can turn your ideas, requirements, and sparkles into beautiful 3D rendering images. Through different angles of the 3D drawing, you can acknowledge the correct displays and arrangements for your candy shop. And negotiate with the designer to improve the design if you want.

We usually use 3D max software to create 3D rendering designs; the customer needs to give us the floor plan, and we will first construct and decorate your store on the computer. 3D rendering design always offers your candy store’s Practice, Perceptual Intuition& Criterion to you.

Candy Store Layout Design

Layout Design is also critical to a candy store because we need to brainstorm to make the best arrangement and layout. Putting too many displays and store fixtures inside will occupy most space and lower the customer experience. On the contrary, leaving too much space for corridors will give you less room for product display and storage. 

Therefore, a proper layout design is essential for a candy store. To offer the customer the best shopping environment while keeping enough display area. The best arrangement of display fixtures must balance the customer user experience and product displays. 

Layout design is also called floor plan; Typically, shop owners must work with design during this layout design stage. Only designer understands the real thought and needs can he create the best-fitting layout design for your candy shop.

Construction Drawing

When clients confirm the layout plan, the designer can proceed on to create the 3D design. All the candy store interior designs need to follow the layout drawing precisely. After you satisfy with the 3D design, the next step is to create the construction drawing. 

Within a shop construction drawing, you can check out all the dimensions, materials, colors, and finishes of all the store fixtures and retail displays, as well as wall decorations, lighting, wiring, and flooring.

Generally speaking, the owner does not need to understand all the detailed information about each display unit; he needs to check the 3D design to determine if the store is correct.  

The candy store construction is mainly designed for landlords, manufacturers, and shopping mall offices. Workers in the factory can build all the display shelves, stands, racks, and cabinets strictly following the construction drawing. 

Shop Front Design

Shop front design is also critical for a candy store design. Before starting the shop front or window display design, you will need to gather as many ideas as possible, including display style, lighting system, advertising method, and so on. 

Shop front design is not just putting a store name on top of the shop front. Eye-catching shop front design and window display can catch every passenger’s eye contact from a long distance and guide them into your store. 

Using advertising TV or poster in the window display is another brilliant display idea. Children are more likely to be driven by colorful toys, statues, and cartoon images, while others are more likely to concentrate on appealing candies and dessert pictures. 

Retail Display Design

When fulfilling a candy store interior design, the retail display is always the most challenging part, and A professional retail display design must contain both display and adverting functions. The typical retail displays are floor-standing stands, racks, cabinets, retail tables, gondola shelving, and wall-mounted showcases.

  • Floor-standing stands: Round, square, and uniquely designed display stand to use the center space more flexibly.
  • Display Racks: The retail and bulk candy display racks are a candy store’s most common and functional display systems. It comes in metal and wood with acrylic display bins and boxes.
  • Display Cabinets: Retail display cabinets can use the wall display area more efficiently and smartly organize the entire store.
  • Gondola Shelving: Many candy stores choose gondola racks to display candies and sweets on four sides; those gondola shelving can display the products at best. 
  • Display Tables: Retail display table, risers, and trays is another way to create a unique and practical display method for your candy shop.
  • Wall-mounted showcases: Decorating your Wall with unique displays and showcases can primarily level up the interior environment. Wall-mounted displays can also offer an easy way to display, clean, and maintain. 

Store Decoration Design

The candy store design is quite different from other retail shops. It needs as many decoration ideas as possible; different eye-catching fixtures, floating decors, vivid cartoon statues, giant candy canes, candy trees, and clouding lights are all perfect for candy store interior decor.

Candy Display is a professional candy store designer and shops display manufacturer, and we can help you create a uniquely modern, attractive candy store in the most professional way. As a direct store fixtures manufacturer, we can offer you the best displays, decoration fixtures, and retail furniture at affordable costs. Contact our team to learn more.