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Candy cart is a very fantastic and popular decorative furniture nowadays, and you can also regard them as smaller candy booths. If your shop is small, you need to display your candy products outdoors, or you want to use special decorations for parties and special occasions, the candy cart is definitely your best choice. Especially all kinds of candy cans filled with sweets and snacks, how can people not like them? Such a candy cart is sure to bring excitement and joy to the participants and guests of any party. It can even be paired with a fountain, marshmallow machine, or popcorn maker. No wonder they have become such a popular choice at weddings or wedding banquets.

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As a large consumables in daily life, candy is no longer a simple snack. If you want to engage in the candy business, but you are trapped in the problem of funding, then you can start with a candy car. Compared to Kiosk used in the mall, you do not need to pay the rent cost, candy cart will spend less you spend you less. The funds are more flexible. You can use your mobile cart to sell candy at shopping malls, streets, school entrances, park entrances, large shopping malls, etc. to sell candy. The traffic of these places can also bring you more passenger flow.

Not only selling candy, candy buffet can also make various display on crafts, some exhibitions, markets and festivals. At the wedding, birthday party and celebration, it can also become the perfect booth displayed on candy desserts and gifts. You can even put it in your home or garden as a meal table or an interesting plant rack for food.

Types Of Trendy Candy Carts

Combining the matching and practicality of the scene, the purpose and style of candy cart is endless. Our Candy Display's can be divided into a mobile practical candy cart and decorative candy cart. If you are looking for a convenient type, then you must like the candy cart with universal wheels at the bottom; and if you want to have very special decorations in some scenarios, we can also design it as your favorite style to meet your needs.

 1. Movable Candy Cart. The mobile candy cart is the first choice for people to do business. When the bottom is added with a wheels, it is equivalent to a Vehicle you can move to any place you want to do business. There is a target design on the top of this car so that you can properly block some sunlight when you use it outdoors. If many candy boxes need to be placed to sell candy, the body will be designed as several areas to ensure that there is sufficient space for you to use. The moveable trolley usually used like a small Kiosk, which sells sugar, candies, chocolate and small cookies, which is actually more convenient.

2. Wedding & Decorative Candy Cart. When talking about decorative candy cart, it is reminiscent of this wedding candy cart that people often use at weddings and many celebration occasions. In fact, it also plays the same function at some exhibitions, people use decorative candy trolley to place some food or products that entertain customers, act as the booth, and its appearance can be decorated close to the surrounding environment, so when we should When designing, it will pay great attention to the effect of integrating it and the surrounding environment. In addition, the structure of wedding candy cart is different from the general use, and it cannot be used again after the appearance decoration. It is recommended to use cardboard build it to save costs.

3. Cotton Candy Cart. Cotton candy cart, as a special kind, is also a good choice you try to do business. However, due to the particularity of the product, there will be obvious differences in choosing the selection of candy cart, especially if you need to consider the placement of the marshmallow machine and the combination of the entire cart. To use it for a longer time, stainless steel and metal are ideal materials for cotton candy cart. They can better bear the weight of Cotton Machine and can also use it longer.

 Candy Cart Materials

There are many types of materials to make candy cart, but in order to take into account the aesthetics and practical types, high-density MDF are generally made. The candy cart itself will not be too bulky. While installing the wheels at the bottom you can more easily promote it. The surface can also be sprayed with various colors for decoration to achieve the role of attracting customers and decoration. For the candy cart used for special scenes, this needs to be recommended to manufacture materials according to the actual usage. You can tell us your thoughts and will provide you with professional advice.

 How To Start Your Own Candy Cart

Step 1. Investigate your future candy demand in the field of candy cart business. For example, if there are a lot of children in your area, you need to understand what candy these children like. After studying the needs of customers for a while, you will know what kind of products you should bring.

Step 2. Apply for business names and licenses from your city or state, and obtain a mobile trolley permit. A good brand name may bring you a long -term business. The cost of the certificate is not high, but it can make customers buy more assured.

Step 3. Choose a position for your candy cart. According to your city, you can put candy cart in a place with a large traffic. If you want to have regular customers, you can consider starting your candy car business on a fixed route.

Step 4. Custom and purchase exclusive candy cart. Find a manufacturer that can provide you with custom design and manufacturing, customize the production of this candy cart for you according to your needs and ideas. Customization can not only meet your requests, but also distinguish other peoples.

Step 5. Price for your candy cart product. The price of candy products you sell needs to compete with other merchants who provide candy. You can consider providing samples or "free candy days" to increase your popularity of your new business.


We are a direct factory that specializes in customization and production of various Kiosk, Food Carts, Outdoor Kiosk, and has its own professional design team and experienced workers. Whether you like moveable candy cart, which can make you start the preliminary candy business, you are looking for the decorative candy cart, you can find the right one here. We have more than 10 years of industry experience and will provide you with affordable prices.

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