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Give your candy shop room storage and display solutions using these containers. These transparent canisters are perfect for storing sugar, spices, candy, cotton balls, and pom poms merchandise. Storing and displaying candy in these containers can make your store clean and orderly quickly. In addition, you can effectively classify your candy products according to different container displays so that customers can quickly find the merchandises they need.

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In fact, whether you are running a bakery stores, candy stores, hotels or ice cream/yogurt shops, you will use various shapes and size containers. Display and create an exciting display furniture, candy container, and distributor to form colorful array products and decoration with the shops we designed to attract your guests. These containers increase the flexibility of candy display, allowing you to show more products and contain almost any candy product dessert you want to show. 

Space is crucial in any confectionery display, and these containers can help you make better use of the interior space of the display furniture, whether from a two dimensional or three-dimensional perspective, using all the space inside the counter to produce products. This is why many people choose to buy a lot of acrylic display when opening a shop, the perfect store and display of irregular candy, colorful boxes will also become a unique rainbow landscape of your shop, really promote sales.

Trendy Kinds Of Containers

These candy buffet containers and supplies include acrylic candy box, tubes, jars and dishes of all shapes and sizes, barrells, and more. When choosing containers, you need to add your own style to create possibilities. Whether it's spherical, hexagonal plastic containers, uniquely shaped flat spheres, or even metal buckets and barrels, you're sure to find the best way to display your merchandise to meet your retail needs.

  • Acrylic candy box. Confectionary and cookies in a candy box - who can say "no"? This simple way to display candy is widely used by businesses. The box usually comes with a hinged lid or shovel, so customers can easily take out inside candies, making it easy to use. In particular, the candy box can be customized into shoe shapes, curved shapes, or hemispherical shapes with a high degree of flexibility and creativity, so that the entire display fixture creates a unique display effect. In addition, its outstanding durability is also one of the reasons why people often use it. Acrylic box can easily solve the problem that candy, snacks and other products cannot be dried and stored. In particular, compared with cardboard, acrylic candy box is waterproof and airtight. Compared with metal containers, they are not easy to rust due to corrosion of candy after melting.
  • Acrylic candy tubes. These acrylic tubes seems to be as dispensers with long height. Also can use with some candy bins, tubes of a certain length provide plenty of storage. But in fact they were often used to decorate the whole wall of the store by filling the interior with candy props. The thick and round edges of the acrylic are a guarantee of quality, and you can imagine buying multiple of these long and lovely tubes at the same time for a fantastic bulk display. Help your candy store get more customer attention and sales, let them walk into your store immediately caught the eye.
  • Candy bins. Candy bins look like so similar as the boxes, but in general, and candy bins are exactly what you want to look for when you need large storage containers to display and promote food and candy bins. bins of candy bins are often custom made with plastic. Even if they are accidentally dropped, the candy bins will be scratch on the surface but not easily damaged, which means that children visiting the store can avoid accidental injuries.
  • Candy jars. This vintage candy container is very different from anything we've seen before. At the bottom of it is a little jar with a little bracket on the top of the lid that we can lift off easily. These jars are great for storing sugar, handmade freezers, gum, or spices. The top lid will also have a plastic washer to help keep the food fresh and store it longer. In fact, jars can be placed in the store as a decorative item in their own right, or you can decorate them with whatever you want, giving the candy rack a new look.

Materials Of Candy Containers

Honestly, anything can be used to make candy containers what you want, everything is possible with a bit of open thinking. The most common materials are acrylic, plastic and glass. Plastic and acrylic are in fact very similar materials, with many commonalities, but a closer look at containers made of acrylic are more transparent, smooth and glossy, especially when exposed to light. plastic containers, on the other hand, are more resistant to cracking. Glass containers, in turn, are more likely to be made into jars, and are easier to pour into a variety of complex and delicate shapes.

Why We Use Containers

1.Make your display neat. Containers will help you maximize your display space while increasing your sales. Most confectionery products come in bulk and you will need to choose containers suitable for different sizes and confectionery shapes and storage requirements to make your display look neat and organized and to help prevent breakage or loss of them.

2.Branding marketing. In addition to making the interior of your retail store cleaner, the use of containers helps to establish a more professional brand and product image. You can print your own brand sign on the container or attach a specific label, and customize the logo with a unique color, font, or typography so that customers can notice the containers and thus the candies right away. Or just get your new plastic candy box customized in a special color, it helps to connect better with the target audience more effectively, unlike the normal types that is too simple to create any feeling.

3. Fun for displaying. Displaying is becoming more and more important in modern retail stores, especially For items such as sweets. Shop owners need them to interact with consumers and attract consumers to promote sales. The display is also one of the most significant benefits of the containers, their transparency allows customers to see directly into the colourful sweets inside, creating a visual impact. Unique and novel shapes make the products on display more attractive, and creative candy boxes are a kind of fun in themselves, attracting consumers, especially young people.

How Can You Buy Them

If you're still trying to find the right and interesting candy containers, check out our website. Candy Display is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive containers types, you are also welcome to consult better and more unique ideas, we will provide you with customized services.