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A modern sweet shop, of course, needs to be decorated and embellished with some unusual and wonderful display fixtures. A candy display cabinet is a kind of furniture that is frequently used in stores. It can not only meet your demand for displaying a large number of candy products but also serve as special decorations in the store. Diversified functions can definitely meet your needs. Whether you are opening a candy shop in a mall or preparing your own retail candy store on the street, the candy display cabinet is an excellent helper for your display.

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Creating a unique candy display cabinet unit that meets your display needs will be the primary factor affecting your choice. As the industry's leading commercial furniture manufacturer, we customize design and produce all types of candy display furniture, such as candy display cabinets, candy display counters, candy retail display tables or cases. Whether you need a large single candy display cabinet unit or the small gondola candy racks or looking for the whole shop display fixture for your candy shop, CANDY DISPLAY will cover all your needs.

Cabinets Material

From MDF and plywood, commonly used to make commercial display furniture, to metal, stainless steel, or acrylic or fiberglass, They are both able to produce and customize any design and style you prefer. With these charming designs and unique display furniture, your candy shop is sure to become very popular and attract a large number of customers to buy the candy products in the store.

Candy Display Cabinets Types

The candy display cabinets located on the ground have many types. Just like the candy products you sell, there are candies with packaging or candies in bulk. Of course, different types of candy products need appropriate display cases to be displayed and sold. If it is your first time to start this kind of confectionery business, we can also recommend to you according to your store needs combined with the overall design atmosphere. Here are some cabinets we often use in candy stores.

  • Fixed shelves cabinets. This wall showcase is familiar to many large retail stores, where the storedisplay furniture with the shelves has enormous capacity, and the multilayer structure allows you to place your shelves wherever you want. We can also match fixtures with different interior layout, design storage cabinets or big drawers at the bottom, combine fixtures with whatever you want, make this ordinary candy display fixtures the most beautiful storage cabinet in your candy store. However, in the design process, more details should be taken into consideration, especially if an acrylic container containing penny candy is placed inside the laminated board, the acrylic Container should be designed to prevent the height between the laminated boards from limiting the final use effect. If you want to avoid this, take a look at our improved version of display cabinet organizer below.
  • Adjustable shelves cabinets. Demand tends to promote innovation and guide product upgrading, especially for this kind of store display furniture. The use of large-capacity space is no longer enough to meet the actual needs of customers. Many candy store owners have been looking for display cases that can adjust the layers according to the height of different candy products, which is why we customized adjustable shelves cabinets. Without changing the overall structure, stainless steel AA columns are embedded in the back plate to hold the laminates in place. This allows the laminates to be inserted in different positions to change their height.                                           If you are still not satisfied with this, CANDY DISPLAY can also change the original way of displaying candy. Many aluminum trough boards are directly embedded on the back board of wall showcases, which are used with long hooks. In this way, in addition to selling products on the shelf of candy display cabinets, More bags can also be hung, and diversified displays make your candy retail shop more fashionable and attractive to customers.
  • Decorative Candy Display. Decorative candy display. Decorative candy display. Decorative candy display. Decorative candy display. Decorative candy display. If you don't have any ideas, you can have a look at the design of these cabinets on our website. There are simple models placed upright against the wall and corner curved display cabinet suitable for use at the corner of the store. I also adjusted the color collocation and use of furniture according to the theme colors of the store, creating colorful candy display cabinets. In some children's candy stores, we also adjust the displays of candy displays, such as bears, hearts and toy cars. Try to keep them more creative in their display functions, so that the display furniture can beautify your candy and snack shop, create a different visual effect.

Benefits Of Using Candy Display Cabinets

1.Utilize shop spaceA common mistake retail stores make is not making the most of their area. You should make sure that the space near the wall is fully utilized. With display cabinets, you can turn oddly shaped little sections of your store into valuable display areas. By utilizing display wall cases, you can also easily create visually striking and efficient displays and leave enough space for the central area of your store.

2.Promote commodity sales. For consumers, wall display cases are almost the main area of in-store product display. The large volume multilayer structure allows the store owner to display many different kinds of confectionery products. When customers are standing in the cabinet area to buy a product, they will easily notice other candies of the same type or complementary foods placed on the adjacent shelves, thus subtly guiding and attracting consumers to buy more and stimulate consumption.

3.Give store a neat appearance. Once you have these display cases installed in your store, the whole space will be more organized. These showcases furniture help to provide a charming and unique look that you won't think twice about for some table or other sophisticated display. Giving your candy store a neat and clean look and layout is also very important.

Who We Are

CANDY DISPLAY is a professional custom design and manufacturing of commercial furniture factory, with a professional design team and experienced workers. From design to manufacture arrange transportation to provide you with complete process service. With more than 10 years of experience in this industry, we can provide you with a feasible solution for your candy store idea. If you are still looking for a suitable candy display cabinets, please feel free to contact us directly to provide you with some case references and ideas.