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Sweets, spices and all kinds of desserts, chocolate, these wonderful things are actually very strict on storage and preservation environment. In your candy store, using the special display case and candy showcases will definitely please every customer who likes sweets. If you are preparing to open a candy store or looking to purchase a single candy display case. Candy Display has carefully selected these display machines to help you display your sweet, sugar, Bubble House, mm beans and other favorite snacks.

Original price was: $1,800.00.Current price is: $1,500.00.

Of course, in order to meet the diversified display needs of customers, we can customize candy display cases for you and according to the products you display. You can choose between refrigerated candy display cases and non refrigerated display cases for confectionary and inside specialty gourmet types. In order to make your candy display store look more neat and unified,  can also design appropriate appearance according to the layout and decorative atmosphere of the store, so that the whole candy display fixture inside has a very nice layout color match.

The materials and functions of candy display cases are also different for some store display requirements. For those products that need to be displayed and stored at low temperature, of course, display cases with internal super compressor should be selected to ensure the normal operation of 24 hours to avoid the deterioration of food. Usually, this kind of countertop is made with high-definition transparent glass and has anti-fog function inside, so that customers can clearly see confectionart and various kinds of food displayed by you. Dry candy display cases are also widely used in various retail stores. You want to keep the products clean at all times and avoid children from touching them directly with their hands. This display furniture with acrylic partitions can help you solve this concern.