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Booth, as the name suggests, is some very simple and concise display furniture used by vendors. Which is essentially different from Kiosk. When it comes to candy booths, people can’t help but think of the type of candy kiosk. Candy kiosk is often designed in a four-week closed style. But the candy booth’s design is very casual. Therefore, many people think that candy booth is faster to use, and we can often notice that they were used in various markets and street activities were found.

The composition of the candy booth is mainly divided into two parts. One is the core area, the counterpart used by customers to display the product. And the other is the simple top tunnel structure. But even if it does not have the top tunnel, as long as it can display a certain candy product, we can still call it a candy booth.

However, with the desire for personal customization, candy booth display forms, and styles have become more diverse. We can design it in the old style with tarpaulin according to the situation, use the colorful colors of the candy product itself, and can also add some candy decorations for embellishment. Or innovative iterations, adding wheels at the bottom that are easy to push, to make the display more convenient. No matter which style, you can find your preferred candy booth style on CANDY DISPLAY.