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candy dispenser

Candy dispenser is an excellent way to control the order quantity of candies. Especially for those colored loose sweets, it is completely impractical to put them directly on display furniture. A perfect candy container not only needs to display candy products but also needs to have a certain storage and sealing function so that your candy products are not easy to be spoiled by moisture.

The candy dispensers on CANDY DISPLAY will help your candy store fixtures create a cleaner and nicer display of retail candy while keeping your products completely fresh. The cylindrical transparent acrylic or PC gravity box design ensures that the interior can hold several liters of sugar. The black metal base can stably support the acrylic container placed on the wall or the shelf. The bottom of the dispenser is also equipped with a nozzle structure. The patented spoon mechanism inside the nozzle is a clever design to ensure that the desired number of candies is provided to the customer at a time.

These commercial candy containers add brightly coloured candy wall to your sweet shop. Also, our dispenser also allows an elegantly display small and varied shapes of candy sweets, sugar and mm beans in these easy-to-clean containers. Not only can keep dry, clean and beautiful, but also can avoid customers in the process of buying candy unnecessary drop and waste candy.

You can select different materials of candy dispenser according to your requirements. Although these containers are just simple box structures, considering the total weight of candy filled, gravity boxes adopt a double-layer thickened structure with a big pull-down handle design to avoid cutting customers' hands. Depending on the candy showcases used in the store, you can choose between hanging or base models. If you are still looking for a suitable candy dispenser, please check out our CANDY DISPLAY website and we are sure to find the dispenser you want.