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Of course, a childlike candy shop is surely a place where people of all ages like to hang out. In addition to being able to buy some candy snacks and bring them home, various interesting displays and decorations in the store also easy to relax. A variety of shapes of candy displays can be used to create unique display furniture, especially the tower display, which is a multi-tiered structure that is both interesting and shows a lot of confectionery.

Unlike many wall cabinets, the tower displays take up less space. The central space of the pillar is designed as a multi-layer display structure, which allows you to easily display products such as packaged snacks or candy boxes if you want to display loose sweets. Simple placement of products may not be very beautiful, through the installation of spotlights on the top, in addition to lighting, but also guide customers to buy snacks and candy.

If it is just a simple cylindrical shape, it may not satisfy the candy store display of strange and interesting characteristics. Therefore, we boldly imagine innovating the top structure of tower display and combining various cloud shapes with it, so that customers can notice this unique candy furniture in your retail candy store. Another important point to attract customers' attention is the use of color, after creating a unique shape, we need to consider a variety of colors, choose conspicuous bright colors can make people bright, of course, also need to combine the overall effect of your store and layout consideration.

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