Christmas Candy Store Activity Planning Scheme Refer

1. Activity Background

Christmas is one of the most important holidays in the West. It represents joy, reunion and Thanksgiving. In the business environment, Christmas also provides an excellent opportunity to attract customers and increase sales through various activities. Especially for our confectionery stores, Christmas is not only a peak sales period, but also a good opportunity to showcase the uniqueness of our products and enhance the brand.

2. Activity Objectives

1. Boost sales during the Christmas season;

2. Enhance customer loyalty to our candy store;

3. Increase brand awareness.

3. Event Planning

1. Theme: Our Christmas Candy Tour

The theme not only highlights the two elements of Christmas and candy but also implies that our candy store is a place where people can enjoy a sweet journey. This theme will run through all of our advertising and promotional materials.

2. Activity time: December 2 – December 30

Considering that Christmas is on December 25th, we set the activity time for December 2nd to December 30. This allows ample time for preparation and allows customers to feel the festive atmosphere in advance.

3. Location: candy store and online store

Our campaign will take place in our candy store as well as in our online store. By combining offline and online, we can attract more customers.

4. Activity Content

(1) Christmas Candy Display: Set up a special Christmas candy display in the store to display our most popular Christmas candy. These candies can include traditional Christmas candies such as lollipops, chocolates, gummies, etc., or they can include some unique Christmas candies such as reindeer-shaped candies.

(2) Christmas Candy DIY: Provide customers with the opportunity to DIY Christmas candy. We can set up a DIY area in the store, offering a variety of different candies and decorative materials, and let customers make their own Christmas candies they like.

(3) Christmas Candy Tasting: Provide a variety of Christmas candy tastings in the store, so that customers can understand our products before buying.

(4) Christmas Candy Gift Packaging: For Christmas candy purchased during the event, we will provide special gift packaging to make customers’ gifts more unique and personalized.

(5) Online Activities: Some interactive activities in our online store. For example, we could run a Christmas candy poll and ask customers to vote for their favorite Christmas candy. Or suggestions for Christmas candy pairings.

5. Promotions And Offers

In order to attract more customers and increase sales, we will offer the following promotions and offers:

(1) All customers who purchase Christmas candy can receive a special Christmas candy gift pack;

(2) For customers who spend a certain amount during the activity, we will give some special Christmas gifts;

(3) During the event, we will have a limited-time discount promotion in our online store, so that more customers can buy our Christmas candy online;

(4) For customers who share our activities during the event, we will provide some social media giveaways.

candy tree

6. Publicity And Promotion

In order to let more people know about our activities, we will publicize and promote them in the following ways:

(1) Social media: We will publish event information and photos on our social media platforms (such as Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, etc.) to let more people know about our activities. We will also use relevant social media advertising to increase our online exposure.

(2) Traditional media: We will publish advertisements in some traditional media (such as newspapers, TV, etc.) to attract more customers.

(3) Partners: We will cooperate with some relevant partners (such as local community organizations, companies, etc.) to promote our activities through them.

7. Expected Effect

Through this event, we expect to attract more new customers, increase brand awareness, and also increase our sales. We hope that this activity can bring customers a pleasant shopping experience, but also hope that they can like our candy.

8. Implementation Of Activities

1. Personnel arrangement

(1) Event planner: responsible for the planning and organization of the entire event, including the formulation of the event theme, the formulation of the event plan, the arrangement of the event venue, the formulation of promotion and preferential activities, etc.

(2) Sales consultant: responsible for the promotion and sales of the event, including introducing the content of the event to customers, promoting our Christmas candy, answering customers’ questions, etc.

(3) Customer service personnel: responsible for customer consultation and after-sales service, including providing customers with quality service, and handling customer complaints and suggestions.

(4) Decorators: responsible for the decoration work of the event, including decorating the store and DIY areas, providing decoration suggestions to customers, etc.

2. Activity execution

(1) Event preparation: One week before the event, we will start to prepare for the event, including the purchase and storage of Christmas candy, the layout and decoration of the event venue, and the preparation of promotion and discount activities.

(2) Event promotion: Three days before the event, we will start to promote the event, including through social media, traditional media, partners and other channels to promote and attract more customers to come to our event.

(3) Activity execution: During the activity, we will carry out the activity execution according to the plan, including the Christmas candy display, DIY activity organization, Christmas candy tasting and sales, gift packaging and giving.

(4) Activity summary: After the activity, we will conduct a summary of the activity, including evaluating the effect of the activity, collecting feedback and suggestions from customers, and recognizing and rewarding employees.

9. Activity Evaluation

After the event, we will evaluate the effect of the event, including the degree of sales improvement, the increase of new customers, the improvement of brand awareness, etc. Based on the results of the evaluation, we will continuously improve and optimize our event planning program in order to bring more benefits and impact to our candy stores in future festivals.

In summary, our Christmas candy store event planning program is not only innovative and unique, but also highly executable and operable. Through this campaign, we hope to bring more surprises and joy to our customers, as well as increase our sales and brand awareness.

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