Create An Entire Candy Wall For Your Candy Store

candy wall

The candy wall is the effect that many candy store owners want to create. The candy wall is usually decorated with colorful candy, rich in colors and different shapes, giving people a very cute and attractive feeling, which can attract the eyes of customers. In addition, customers can freely choose and choose the type and quantity of candy they like. This experience of independent choice often gives people a sense of satisfaction, increases the interaction between customers and candy, and enhances the fun of shopping. In addition to this, candy walls can often provide a variety of jars or bags where customers can fill their own containers with candies of their choice and then share them with family, friends, and colleagues. This act of social sharing adds interest and conversation to the candy wall. As a kind of store decoration, it adds a kind of childlike interest and vitality to the store, attracting more customers to enter the store.

So, how do we build such a candy wall for our candy store?

1. Planning And Theme

First, we need to establish the overall style and theme of the candy store. This can provide clear guidance for the subsequent design work. This can be determined by season, festival, brand image or specific themed events. For example, if it is Christmas, we can choose red and green as the main colors, and arrange some decorative elements related to Christmas, such as snowflakes, reindeer, Christmas trees, etc.

2. Color Matching

Color is a very important element in design. In the design of the candy wall, we can choose the color of the wall according to the theme and the color of the candy. For example, if the candy is mainly sweet pink and purple, then the wall can choose a pale white or light pink to highlight the color of the candy. At the same time, we can also enhance the visual effect by using different colors of light.

But in general, bright colors can help attract customers’ attention and make it easier for people to notice the location of the candy wall.

3. Wall Decoration

The decoration of the wall can be determined according to personal preferences and the style of the shop. We can choose some interesting decorative paintings, photo walls or sugar-related elements such as icing cookies to decorate the wall. These elements can increase the interest of the store but also can attract the attention of customers.

4. Lighting Design

Lighting is key to setting the mood. In the design of the candy wall, we need to choose soft and warm lighting to highlight the color and texture of the candy. At the same time, we can also use some decorative lighting to enhance the visual effect of the wall. For example, we can project some interesting patterns or words on the wall to attract customers’ attention.

5. Display Fixture Design

Display design is the core of candy wall design. We need to design the display according to the customer’s perspective and browsing habits. Candies can be grouped by color, shape, or taste to add to their overall beauty. At the same time, we can also use some decorative shelves or containers to increase the interest of the display.

In most stores, colorful display fixtures are used with transparent acrylic boxes of a certain shape. Secretly tell you that the transparent acrylic box is the secret of the success of the candy wall, when the acrylic box is filled with candy, it will naturally become a landscape, and the color of the candy itself will become the decoration of the candy wall.

6. The Choice Of Acrylic Box

As an important part of the candy wall, the acrylic box is an essential part. You can consider the size and style of the box according to the actual size situation. Generally common is the shoe-type acrylic box, but also with a certain space to store the candy shovel, so that customers buy candy more convenient. You can also choose to customize other acrylic boxes, only need to consider the size of the entire wall area.

If you want to have such a striking candy wall decoration, you can refer to our suggestions. Or contact us directly online to provide you with a professional and complete service, not only to customize the entire candy wall fixture but also to provide the corresponding acrylic box.

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