Do You Know Candy Fiberglass Sculpture?

The art of sculpture is progressing with the development of society. From the initial clay sculpture, wood sculpture, and stone sculpture to later bronze, ceramic sculpture and metal alloy sculpture. The development of material technology provides a field for the full play of sculpture. Because of its advantages of convenient molding, lightweight and high strength, FRP was soon applied to sculpture creation. Using fiberglass technology, the clay works can be quickly remade and preserved. Therefore, FRP sculpture has become the preferred product for decoration in squares and various candy stores.

What Is Fiberglass?

Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is also known as GFRP, that is, fiber-reinforced plastic, which generally refers to the glass fiber-reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin matrix. Reinforced plastics with glass fiber or its products as reinforcement materials are called glass fiber reinforced plastics, or glass steel, which is different from tempered glass.
Due to the different resin varieties used, there are polyester FRP, epoxy FRP, and phenolic FRP. Light and hard, non-conductive, stable performance, high mechanical strength, less recycling, corrosion resistance. It can replace steel to make machine parts and cars, ships and so on.

The Advantages Of FRP Sculpture

(1) FRP sculpture is very popular among all plastic arts. In recent years, because their own sculpture material is unique, and the shape made is also very beautiful, with high ornamental value, many artists will use FRP sculpture to play, where the plasticity is relatively strong.

(2) FRP sculpture itself has strong corrosion resistance, but it also has lightweight, relatively low cost, and they are a particularly suitable material for processing.

(3) Light weight and high strength, the typical advantage of glass fiber reinforced plastic is lightweight and high strength, which is well known, and glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture is also a good inheritance of this advantage of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is a lot of large-scale sculpture is suitable for such a form of sculpture, so this sculpture is now also widely used. Under the premise of the same volume, the quality of FRP sculpture is much lower than that made of marble and steel, but it has higher strength and is more durable, which is the main reason why it has become preferred by users.

(4) The choice of color is more flexible, FRP sculpture works have stronger flexibility in color, this is because the special material of FRP itself has a good integration of colors, which can meet the various needs of users for the color of sculpture works.

(5) FRP sculpture in all fields is irreplaceable, can better shuttle back and forth in their own or the public domain, can achieve the combination of reality and virtual alternate things, so that you can become a partner of artists, can provide their own art to provide a certain inspiration, FRP sculpture also supports a wide range of mass needs.

(6) FRP sculpture in real life can be fully customized according to the actual situation, many times each place because its working environment or processing requirements are different, so they will be different in some ways and methods of processing FRP sculpture, naturally, their requirements will be different.

(7) The production process is more simple, the reason for the obvious diversity of FRP sculpture is because of the particularity of this material, under normal circumstances, regardless of any shape of sculpture can be used as raw materials, as long as the corresponding mold can be made to process FRP sculpture, It can be said that the flexibility is very outstanding and can meet the various actual needs of different users. Because the work can be formed at one time, it also has obvious advantages in terms of production cost, so it is also welcomed and recognized by more users.

Type Of Fiberglass Sculpture Used In A Candy Store

Candy shape fiberglass

The most common must be the glass cabinet sculpture made of various candy shapes. Giant candy canes or lollipops, in particular, are made of fiberglass and can come in many different heights, up to 10 feet high. Candy canes have smooth edges, and each cane is hand-painted with stripes and any custom color you like.
You’ll be able to use it to decorate an arch, place it next to the Christmas tree or lean against a display case in the store, any way to make it catch the attention of customers. The same is true of oversized lollipops, which you can choose to use as a base or combine with a display cabinet to place inside the store. You can even skip the lollipop sticks and decorate them with steel ropes above the ceiling. Or stick it on the wall.
There are also some small mints, sugar, lollipops and other long used to decorate the Christmas tree, very beautiful.

Ice cream table and bench

Ice cream tables and benches are designed for candy stores that need a seating area. Due to the corrosion resistance of FRP materials, these seats can be placed indoors or outdoors without worrying about the sun and rain. And because of its good color rendering, it can be perfectly integrated with your candy store, quickly becoming an area where customers can rest, enjoy food and take photos.
If you want an exclusive styling style, FRP bench and table can also meet your needs. Customize special ice cream shapes for you.

Cartoon character sculpture

In the candy store, you will also see some of the real bodies of candy ICONS! For example, the five cartoon images of M&M beans, or children’s favorite cartoon characters. These images, which can only be seen in TV programs, are displayed in the lives of customers through fiberglass sculptures, which are placed directly inside and outside your candy store and become a landscape.

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