Do you know this adult’s exclusive candy shop?

If you think that candy is only a child’s privilege, you are sadly mistaken. Candy can be an adult’s best friend, according to a US online candy company. Candy that adults can’t say no to. How does Sugarfina differ from children’s candy stores in terms of store design, product, and experience? Someone once said that dessert is like high heels to women, knowing that pain (knowing that fat) can not resist the temptation. From children to adults, people can’t resist the joy and sweetness brought by candy. There are so many candy products on the market today, but very few attract the attention of adults.

Fina in Sugarfina is the Italian word for “high quality.” Founders Rosie O ‘Neill and Josh Resnick were a couple who decided to open a candy store for adults, inspired by Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. The company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California. In just four years, it has opened nearly 30 boutique stores and more than a dozen stores in major cities in North America, including New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Toronto and so on. In 2017, it also raised more than $30 million in funding. How did the store succeed?

In fact, there are many candy stores in the store designed of “British retro style”, “fairy tale dream style”, and “old world style”, but the creative pie candy + experience store route is still a few. Sugarfina pays great attention to the visual design of the space, and its store in Los Angeles has been named one of the most beautiful candy stores in the world by the American architecture magazine Architecture Digest.

Luxurious and unique in-store design

In the layout of the space, the color of bold use of a baby blue and white finish, two strong textures of cold tones, and the colorful candy tones formed a strong contrast. Reduce the sense of stacking, and increase the experience area, and the exquisite candy jar shape has become an ornament in the store. “Tiffany.”

In July 2018, Sugarfina took this “beauty” overseas for the first time, opening its first overseas store in Hong Kong’s Harbour City Shopping Mall. The decor retains Sugarfina’s usual fresh elegance, with blue and white accents. Working with Disney to design Disney’s 90th Anniversary Mickey Mouse collection, sold in limited candy boxes in Hong Kong stores.

Strange candy flavors

To appeal to adults, Sugarfina starts with flavors and designs. When it comes to flavors, Sugarfina includes delicious local candies that the founders discover on their travels, so the store sells candies from all over the world. It currently sells more than 150 confectionery categories, 60% of which come from overseas. In addition to its variety, Sugarfina also features flavors that adults love, such as Champagne Gummy, absinthe, and single malt Scotch Heart Candy, as well as a variety of lines, such as a summer theme, where watermelon, beer, and ice cream are made into candy shapes. Sugarfin Bento Box is an idea from Japan’s Bento Box, which can hold up to eight different flavors at a time.

Another highlight of Sugarfina’s candies is the design. Rosie O ‘Neill previously worked as a marketing executive at toy company Mattel, an experience that made her pay special attention to packaging. The recognizable blue box was inspired by David Hockney’s pool collection. The first physical store is located in Beverly Hills, with a total area of 1,400 square feet, and the overall decor is dominated by fresh white, creating a clean and upscale atmosphere. Because of its special brand design positioning and product taste, the company is known as the Tiffany of the candy industry.

Careful customization service

In addition to individual consumers, the company also provides gift customization services for enterprises. Soon after Sugarfina was founded, Facebook listed it as a provider of Facebook Gifts, which allows users to send physical candy gifts through the social network. In its first year, the company’s annual revenue reached $120,000. At present, the company has expanded its business to the UK, buying channels online and offline.

Candy is a must for weddings, and Sugarfina has entered the wedding sugar space. Sugarfina features custom wedding accompaniments or gift boxes for bridesmaids, depending on the wedding hue. Sugarfina caters to the young market with trendy culture and wedding candy.

Use social media campaigns

In pursuit of the current youth punch, O ‘Neill has been looking for inspiration on social media, packaging candy into photo-friendly styles, and almost 80 percent of Sugarfina customers post photos on social media.

The same trick applies to coffee beans, chocolate, or cookie brands. Think of the brand’s merchandise as a separate gift, wrapped in pleasing packaging, to get social media exposure. Even if the product price is slightly higher, it can also achieve rapid growth. In Sugarfina stores, there is often a photo sanctuary, such as a white embossed flower petal, which serves as a check-in wall for Sugarfina fans.

Every time fans and customers share, it is very beneficial to brand marketing.

Exquisite packaging

Beautiful food packaging design is very important, candy packaging is even more so. Sugarfina’s gift box option allows customers to mix and match freely. The idea of Sugarfina’s gift box was inspired by Japanese bento boxes during a trip to Japan. Sugarfina designed a transparent cube box that allows customers to buy a single box of candy or put their favorite flavors into a variety of gift boxes. In Japanese culture, “Design your own bento box.”

Dare to innovate and cooperate

In order to cater to Chinese consumers, Sugarfina has for the first time set up a special beverage area in its Hong Kong store, with a range of Emperor brand products as the main theme for guests to mix a variety of drinks.

Previously, Whispering Angel’s Rose wine sales increased by 53%, which is very popular among young people in the United States. Later, Sugarfina tries to cooperate with Whispering Angel and launches the Yes Way Rose series of candies. Not only is it pink in color, there are 9 liters of rose wine per 1,000 pounds of sugar. Sugarfina is aimed at women who love food and fashion, and in order to expand its market, Sugarfina has also partnered with women’s fashion retailers such as Kate Space, hoping to leverage the resources of fashion retailers to further expand its market.

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