Product Description

Size: customized                                      Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Packing: Standard Wooden Case           Color: colorful

Style: Morden                                           Logo: Backlit Acrylic Logo

















We will have a cashier counter in the store, which is not provided, if you want we can customize it for you. There is a storage cabinet under the cashier’s desk, it can hold a lot of items. At the same time, some small parts or gifts, and snacks placing on the top of the cabinet. This is a good idea. There are two cabinets at the back of the cash register. One is shaped like a gear. There is a heart-shaped cargo rack on the right side, and there are also laminates and LED lights placed inside. If you want to change the color to other themes, you can also customize it with us.


















In addition, we can put two large shelves, which are mainly square compartments. The food can take to the kiosk. Soft LED tube strips can also place inside the partition layer, so the light shining on the food is very beautiful, to a certain extent can increase the bright food, and attract the attention of customers. The color of the container finish with baking paint and is very smooth and glossy on the surface. Attention to the color of the shelf customized.candy




































The wall of the shop customized advertising then your shop is full of a very dreamy feeling, and customers will happy to shop inside consumption. This is our 3D design. The candy shelves inside can customize according to the size of your store. If you want to design by yourself, you can send the design drawing to us, we can make it for you.candy

How to order the kiosk or stand

1-You need to contact our sales to discuss your specific requirement regarding the kiosk( the size, style)
2- Our design team creates and revises the design according to your personal requests. (300 USD design deposit. But when we confirm the order, it will deduct from your balance payment.)
3-We sign the contract after the design has been approved.
4-50% of the production deposit should be sent.
5- We produce the kiosk according to the approved design.
6- Quality inspection.
7- Finished the kiosk, and packaged the kiosk 8- You arrange the 50% balance.
9- Arrange to ship for you. 10- We provide a technique guide service for you.candy
Note: If you want to customize the style or size please contact our customer service.