For a store, colorful and interesting design is essential. Only by designing the store well can they attract more people’s attention. We can design the shape, color and size of the furniture in the store according to the specific situation of the store. If you want to customize the design of your store, you can send us a floor plan of your store. This helped us determine its layout and the style of the furniture. Today I would like to introduce a two-storey store.

Design of the Store

This is a combination of toys and candy store. From the outside, it has two glass walls, people can easily look in from the outside. So it’s a good display area and we can put attractive furniture. Our first floor is a candy display area and the second floor is a toy display area.

First Floor

After entering through the doorway, the first thing you see is 10 colorful display platforms arranged in regular order, connected by a white four-story display rack. Next to it was a pillar, the top half of which was wrapped in red and white stripes, beneath which hung two rows of bottled sweets.

Beside the pillar is a decorative candy tree. The bottom half of it is a yellow display stand with four floors. It was covered with lollipops and colored jelly beans, which looked very interesting.

On the other side is the wall cabinet. Because there are stairs next to it, part of the wall cabinet cannot be placed on the top. This wall cabinet has 20 levels of display area, each level can accommodate 7 small bins. We can arrange them according to the color of the candy.

There is also a white counter on the opposite side of the stairs, and on the wall above the counter we can put round pictures of light boxes.

Second Floor

This floor is mainly a toy display area. In the middle, there are nine white, double-sided display stands, each with four levels. On both sides of the wall, we put three wall cabinets, respectively yellow and blue. These wall cabinets have four levels and can hold popular boxed toys.

At the bottom of it is the storage area. On either side of the glass wall are displays shaped like train cars, about nine of them. We can put dolls on these displays to attract people who walk by.


Colorful colors are always more attractive than solid colors. Whether we sell candy or toys, our main audience is children.

Therefore, in the design of the store, we will use colorful display cabinets with unique shapes, such as red train and yellow candy tree. We also put different colors on the walls to better match our store theme.

About Customization

If you are interested in the store we designed, you can send us the size and floor plan of your store. We have a special designer who can customize it for you. In addition, we can produce all the above display racks and display cabinets. You can also directly enter our shop and order directly.