Coffee & juice shop interior design

With the development of society, people’s living standard is higher and higher, and the requirement for quality of life is higher and higher. Therefore, the shape decoration of the juice coffee shop is more and more wonderful, and our design is also wonderful and elegant at the same time. The theme of the store design meets both the needs of the coffee shop and the ice cream design needs of the candy shop. It can not only sell fruit juice and other products but also sell desserts. How practical this design is.

The layout of the juice store

The door came in the decoration but a big article, inside the interior design, is the most connotation. A variety of menu boards are displayed at the front desk, and the wide selection at the checkout counter is hard to take your eyes off. The elaborate and luxurious layout is comfortable, while the ceiling decoration is closely related to the theme. The lights on the shelves show the abundance of food on the shelves. At the same time on each side of the wall hung cabinets displaying candy and food low-key and luxurious, the light of how leisurely. It is suitable for sitting down for a moment of rest and enjoying the beautiful scenery slowly. The design style is also worth mentioning. The low-key luxury decoration is also a very personal design, which is very suitable for us to calm down and think and have a short rest during the rest time. The logo of the facade decoration is also an impressive and motorized design, and the candy lollipop above the logo shows the overall nature of the store.


Besides, our workshop production specialized in candy store decoration. And our design team, we have more than ten years of design and production experience. You believe in our quality, we would not have gone so far without so many years of experience. And our craft is very mature. If you happen to be looking at the design of the candy store and the food store. We can provide you with more relevant designs. Our shelves can customize, please tell us what you think.