Candy and ice cream often go together because they both target the same type of people. Such as young people or children. So we can see that many shops that sell candy also sell ice cream. Moreover, the interior design and colors of the two stores are also similar. Sweets and ice creams come in bright colors and a wide variety. So

If we want to open one of these stores, we might as well try to sell another product. For candy and ice cream parlors, design is very important. If we are just starting a business, customers don’t know us well, and without a good shop decoration and designer, we can’t attract people. What I want to introduce today is the beautiful interior design of the candy store.

Candy Store Design

From the above design, we can see that the candy store and the ice cream are separated. The ice cream area is an open area with a relatively small location. In addition to the necessary ice cream machines, we need to decorate the walls so as to match our theme of selling ice cream. We can choose white and other light colors for the color of the wall. White can be matched with any color, so we can install our menu, advertising machine, or even logo, etc. on it.

The interior of the candy store is very bright and colorful, which is very easy to attract people’s attention. The reception desk is in rainbow colors and its exterior is a laminate display where we can place packaged products. The back wall of the reception desk is a hanging cabinet, the middle is a decorative light box painting, and the rest are open storage cabinets, where we can put any products. Balloons are also a hot seller.

The tall display cabinets are generally placed against the wall, and they are usually laminate displays because the laminate displays can hold anything, including candy boxes, so it is very popular in candy stores. We know that the wall area is relatively large so we can put many high display cabinets, and we can use display cabinets of different colors to make the store look richer.

In addition to the high-wall cabinets, we can also use some stands. They can be put in the middle of the shop, they won’t take up too much space. If it is placed at the entrance or at the window, we can make some shapes to make it more interesting. All of our furniture is customizable and can be made in any shape.

In addition to furniture, floors and ceilings are also very important. Here on the top are used candy decorations, are hanging from the ceiling, and they have different shapes and colors. The floor is also decorated with colorful circles, they can be well matched and also similar to the style of the shop.

Candy Shop Design

Do you like this shop’s color matching? A beautiful candy store is really very important for our sales. Therefore, many people are willing to spend more time and money to complete the design of the store and the purchase of furniture. If you want to create an attractive candy shop, you can send us your shop floor plan and your idea, and we can help you finish the shop design, decoration, and furniture production.