Colorful candy store

We all love a colorful candy store, let alone a room full of colorful candy. I mean, it’s unbelievable, and it would really bring out my girly heart if I could walk into a colorful store like this. When we were kids, we all longed for a house like this, and we would be so happy to live in it. Even the ceiling smelled of happiness.

Candy store design

Want to better attract children into our candy store, first of all, the store design must be very beautiful, the layout is very reasonable. In the design of the store, our walls are containers, and the cabinets on each wall have their own unique tasks. Unique cabinets inject soul into the whole shop, each shape is unique. In the middle is an ice cream-shaped display case with a series of steps for snacks and gifts.

Graphic design

The following is the plane display drawing of our entire store, from which we can clearly locate the position where the sales display cabinet should place. The most amazing part is the manual experience area because it’s great to be able to do things while we taste the food.

Storefront structure

The rainbow-striped walls really look like shades of rain, giving a sense of flawless space. Besides, the display counter is our manual experience area. If you want to experience the production of customers can be in this position. On the candy display shelf; Two cute ornaments, placeing on the top of the counter to show the high-end feeling.

Design detail

The design theme of the candy store is clear. You can see a wide range of goods displayed in the middle and side of the store. Every cabinet gets a high-mail assignment. Neatly placed cabinets and food are very important. We will have enough space between display cabinets and display cabinets for customers to move around.candy store design