Candy store design

Firstly, this is a candy store design with an orange theme. A colorful candy store design is very attractive to customers, sweet candy wall is a good decoration, whether the decoration or design of the store is very exquisite.

candy store

Candy store layout

The design layout of the candy store is very organized, you can see the ceiling above will install and candy decoration and the whole store looks very nice. In the middle of the store, we will design some round stands and curved stands for display. On both sides of the design of rows of display cases against the wall, there is also a double-sided display case design. So the view from the center is very organized, no matter what angle you look at it you will see our candy display and our candy bar. The most striking thing is the Skittles jar on the wall, neatly arranged to look like a rainbow.

candy store

Rainbow wall display

The front of the candy store is facing the center of the candy store, so customers can see our Skittles wall at a glance.  Which is a very beautiful view and also brings a lot of traffic to the candy store. In the middle, there are some display cabinets with strange shapes, which match our theme color very well, so it is a good idea to choose this kind of display cabinet.

candy store

Display rack display

The central location of the candy store will designed to fit the size of the display cases and shelves. The reason for this design is that we can arrange our display cases neatly here. The display cases neatly arranged will make people look quick and tidy. There will no clutter.

candy store

Candy store decoration

Exquisite decoration of candy stores can bring certain exposure and traffic to the store, just like our products, beautiful pictures and decoration can bring traffic to customers. As a colorful candy store design, the first is the need to have exquisite decorations to decorate our store, followed by the wall can design of some beautiful stickers. Finally, the presentation of the floor is also very important. You can see that if the color of the floor is the same as the color of the candy, it will look especially good.candy store