Candy and toys are one of the things that children love the most. In order to cater to the aesthetics and preferences of children, when we design a candy or toy store, we first consider the color matching and the style of the furniture. The style of furniture is very important. In addition to being a cabinet for displaying products, it is also used as a decoration for the store. If you want to open a toy store or candy store, the first thing you need to do is to make a professional 3D design of the store. We can confirm the store’s style, color, layout, furniture style, color, etc. through the design drawing. We are a professional candy store furniture supplier, we also provide design services. The store to be introduced today is designed according to our customer’s store floor plan and its requirements.

Glass Doors Windows

We can see that the front of the store is a glass door wall, which helps people passing by to see our interior decoration clearly, which is very important. So if the entrance of our store is all glass, then the interior decoration becomes particularly important, it is the key to attracting customers. We can see that the store is colorful, it has a train-shaped display cabinet for some dolls and toys, etc. On the right is the reception desk, and in the middle are some retail cabinets. We can clearly see its color matching.

Reception Desk

Our reception desk is a large arc, and the outside of it is some display areas, where we can display products. When customers check out, if they happen to see the products they like, they will buy them by the way. The background of the reception desk is rose red, which is a relatively bright color, and is also very common in candy stores. We can install our logo on the back wall of the reception desk or design some wall-mounted display cabinets, etc.

Toy Display

We know that the number and types of toys are very large. So we will set up some tall display cabinets against the wall to display them. Most of the toys are boxed, so we can use the laminate display for the wall cabinet, which is one of the most used display cabinets. If you want to create a colorful effect, we can use different colors for different display cabinets. In order not to make the store too monotonous, the shape of the display cabinet can also be changed appropriately.

Candy Display

Candy is the same as toys, and there are also rich types and colors. So we usually display it with a candy box. We can design a wall dedicated to candy boxes and candy dispensers. It’s pretty much a must-have fixture in a candy store. In addition to the candy box display cabinet, we can also do some decoration on the cabinet itself, such as pasting some colorful stickers.

Middle Cabinet

In addition to the wall cabinets, there are some scattered display cabinets in the middle of the store, which are divided into small items. Such as bagged or boxed snacks and some puppets and so on. Their styles, sizes, and colors are also customizable, so we can design the display cabinets we need according to our products.


The color matching of candy stores and toy stores is very important. The color requirement for this candy store is color. So we can see that different furniture has different colors, and the floor and ceiling are also integrated with the whole store. The surface of the furniture is treated with bright paint, so we can see that they are very shiny, and they will look cleaner and more beautiful under the light.

Candy & Toy Shop Customization

Candy-display is a professional candy store furniture and decoration supplier, we have our own factory as well as a professional design team. You can send the floor plan of the store and we will help you design all the fixtures and decorations of the interior and so on. You can buy what you are satisfied with from us.