Lollipop display booth

Every time we pass a kiosk selling candy, we will feel amazed. Because the colorful candy inside will always make us stop to enjoy the delicious candy for a while. The candy booth is rich in color, whether it’s a lollipop on the display case or a sweet candy inside a crystal box. Inside the cabinet, we will design a cashier’s desk. Next to the cashier’s desk, there will be a rectangular desktop made of MDF material, with plywood as the base material and a fireproof board affixed on the surface.



The overall size of the candy booth is 2600*2000mm. Two of the candy cases are 1300*600mm. Two three-story candy containers will be placed on the two sides of the candy display pavilion. Each container on the first floor is a curved storage box made of crystal material. The box has a lid, which can be opened and closed. You can see the colorful vertical stripes are our stickers, to decorate the store we can also design you need posters or advertisements.

Below is the design drawing of our candy pavilion.



Besides, on the front of the candy booth, we have set up a place for placing signs and posters. If you have a logo, you can send it to us. We will make it for you. In the middle of the pavilion, we will leave enough space for the staff to work, and at the same time, we will leave enough space on the table to make juice or coffee for the guests to order. Naturally, we will set up a sink for easy cleaning. We will design a cashier’s desk for the display booth.


Desktop display

On the tabletop of the display cabinet, we will have two pieces. One side is for the cashier and the place for customers to order food, and the other side is the place for making juice and coffee and placing materials. The pavilion also has a door to facilitate our staff to work on site. The vertical stripes on the bottom of the display booth can be used for advertising or posters if you like.candy

Pavilion space

In another way, display booths have plenty of space. However, if you like to move around a lot, design a larger space. This kind of candy display booth is relatively popular because its function is not only a candy display but also some cakes, coffee, and other afternoon tea can be made inside.


Finally, if you are interested in this popular candy display booth, please contact our customer service, we will provide you with satisfactory service, and make a satisfying display case for you.