Have you ever seen a dreamy candy store? Candy shops have always been full of fairy tales in our impression, because candy itself is a very attractive thing, and it has many lovely colors and shapes. When we design a store, the style often takes into account the style of the products we sell. For example, the jewelry store is resplendent, the clothing store is very fashionable, and the candy store is of course colorful and cute. It is very important to choose the style of the store that matches the product because only in this way can the whole store look more professional and people are more willing to visit our store. In candy stores we have seen, in addition to the rich colors, we can also see a lot of beautiful decorations, which are one of the elements that make up the candy store. What I want to show you is a candy store design. Candy store design is endless, it can change according to the size, shape, and location of the store.


The entrance is the key to attracting customers, whether customers want to come in or not depends on what they see. This candy store has no glass windows and glass doors, but its entrance is relatively large, so people can see the inside. There is a cartoon character at the shop entrance, a big light box logo on the side, and some circles and ribbons on the top.

Lighting is a very-catching thing, so our store must be bright enough. We can install some light strips at the entrance, and the color is also the key. Here we mainly use a light green background with a white curved wall, with light strips embedded inside, and add some other colors to the white wall as decoration, the overall effect is very good.

Inside Furniture

Inside the store are display cabinets of different shapes, we can see rich colors and their special shapes. The candy shop furniture is very scattered, it doesn’t like some other retail shops. We don’t need to use the same shape and style of furniture. In order to make it more attractive and the content more stylish, we can try some special-shaped display cabinets. For example, the snail display, bowl display, and tower display are shown in the picture above. The main display on the wall is the candy box cabinet. They are usually put into a long way with 2-3 layers, they can also pace with candy dispensers.


In addition to furniture, decoration is also very important. There are many kinds of decorations, such as ceiling lights, light boxes, logos on the walls, etc. For the candy store, we can also add some candy models, which we can hang from the ceiling, or on the wall. We can also make some flowing chocolate shape decorations on the wall.


We can make all four walls of the candy store high display cabinets so we can place more products. For the display cabinet in the middle of the store, we should not place too many to make it crowded, because there are mostly children in the candy store. If it is too crowded, it is easy to collide, which is not safe for children. So in the middle of the candy store, we can arrange some display cabinets reasonably, so that there is enough space between each cabinet.

Candy Store Interior 3D Design

The picture above is the design of the store. We can see the position, color and shape, and lighting effects of all the furniture in the interior. If we have no idea how to decorate or buy furniture, we can make a design first. Then we can buy the display according to the 3D design. In addition to furniture, we can also provide all decorations, including logos, lamps, candy models, etc. Our professional designers will help you design a candy store that meets your requirements.