The design of the candy store is actually very simple. Many people pursue colorful and interesting things. Only in this way can they attract more people’s attention. For the interior display furniture, we can freely design its shape, color, and size. But while designing, we also need to consider the actual store situation. So when we want to start a candy store, we need to get its floor plan first so we can get an idea of its size and shape. This helps us confirm its layout and the style of the furniture. Today I want to introduce a candy shop in Belgium.

Candy Store Floor Plan

From the floor plan, we can clearly see its shape and size. To the right of it is the entrance to the shop with glass walls and doors. To the left and below are two solid walls with dimensions of 8m and 8.8m respectively. Above is also a solid wall and entrance, where the dimensions are relatively small. Through this information, we can basically determine the overall layout of the store.


For a store, the essential piece of furniture is the reception desk. The location of reception desk is generally placed at the entrance. Since the entire right side is covered with glass walls, we can only place the reception desk on the upper wall. With the other two solid walls, we can make some tall cabinets to display our candy boxes or candy dispensers, etc.

There are three pillars in the middle, in order to make them match the whole shop, we can just make some tower display cabinets to cover them, which can be used both as decoration and as a display. If there is still space in the middle of the store, we can put some small-sized display cabinets.

Candy Bins Wall Cabinet

Candy bins are basically one of the must-have display props in candy stores. We can use acrylic bins to store and display the candy. This wall uses colorful high cabinets and is paired with candy boxes. In the corners, we used a curved display area, which can connect the two walls together so that it will look more coherent and comfortable.

The reception desk is a very important part, we need it to receive customers, and customers will also pay here, so on the back of the reception desk, we can also set up some display cabinets. A gear-shaped wall display case is used here. Its shape is very attractive. In front of the reception desk, we can add our logo and increase the display area.


We can see that the color of this store is very colorful, it has a lot of display cabinets of different styles and shapes, and their colors are all different. We can find that there are more light and bright colors in the candy store, so as to make the whole environment brighter. Therefore, the color of candy store furniture is best to choose light colors.

Candy Store Design

We are a professional candy store furniture customization company, we can help you design and customize interior furniture and match colors. When the design is complete, we can see the overall effect and confirm the final furniture style. On our website, you can also see a lot of individual displays, and you can buy them directly if you like. If you want to design a candy store, you can send us your floor plan and logo and our designers will specify the plan for you.