The party is a very exciting celebration. At the party, we can see a lot of very beautiful decorations, as well as a variety of snacks, desserts, and drinks. We also played various games throughout the party. Have you ever been to a party? At parties, our most common things are balloons, greeting cards, paper cups, paper plates, etc., as well as various candles and sequin decorations. In addition, in the party store, we can also see other decorations, such as masks or headgear. The nature of party stores and candy stores is similar. They mainly sell food and decorations needed for fun or various celebration parties. Today I’m going to introduce the interior 3D design of the candy and party shop.

Reception Desk

From the top view, the layout of the store and the arrangement of furniture are very clear. It is a rectangular store, and its furniture arrangement is the same as other regular retail stores. There are tall display cabinets against the walls on the two long sides, and small-sized cabinets in the middle. The two short sides are the glass showcase, the entrance, and the back door on the other.

Left Side Wall

The reception desk is generally placed at the entrance, and its size generally depends on the form of the store and the owner’s idea. The size of the reception desk used here is relatively small. It is a semi-arc shape with a storage area on the outside and lights inside. Its main colors are pink and white. There are many conventional reception desks, but for candy stores, even the reception desk must be designed to match the style of our products. This reception desk looks both functional and beautiful.

Right Side Wall

The high cabinets on the left wall are all of the different styles. We can see candy display cabinets, pegboard display cabinets, slat-wall display cabinets, and laminate display cabinets. They come in different colors and sizes, look patchwork and enrich the whole store a lot. Because party supplies can be overwhelming, our display cases needed to hold as many items as possible. For example, the display of perforated boards has many functions. It can be used not only with hooks but also with shelves. It is suitable for displaying small items, so this type of display cabinet is very popular in party shops.

Balloon Bar Counter

There are also some tall display cases on the right wall, and they are also different in style and color from the left wall. Candy stores are different from other retail stores. Most of the candy stores we see are very beautiful and attractive. Mainly because of its different interior furniture and decoration. And our product categories and colors are also very rich, so we can choose different types of furniture.

Balloons are one of the most important props at the party, and they are indispensable in the party store. We can design a balloon bar in the store, where we can inflate children who buy balloons for free. We know that some balloons can be knotted and made into many different shapes. If balloons are one of our main products, we can set up a bar dedicated to selling balloons or providing balloon-related services.

Middle Stand

The middle of the store is mainly used for walking, so only small display cabinets can be placed here, and their height should not exceed 1.4m. Some curved double-sided display cabinets are used here, and their capacity is very large. And the display cabinet with the shape will look more beautiful. Since our products have many colors, we can choose to use white for the display cabinets.

Ceiling Light

The use of lighting is also essential. If we want to make the store more beautiful, we can use some cute ceiling lights. Ceiling lights come in many shapes and colors, and there are many patterns, such as flowers, clouds, and other cartoon shapes.

Candy & Party Store Design

We are a custom-made furniture factory with a professional design team and factory. We have designed and manufactured candy store furniture to the satisfaction of many clients. Our designers make the store design according to the floor plan of the client’s store and the products they sell, so they are an exact match with the client’s requirements. If you want to open a candy or party supplies store, you can send us your store floor plan, we will help you make a suitable plan and design according to your store shape, size, and products, and confirm the final design after that, we will go into production and help you ship the furniture to your address.