The candy store feels very dreamy and colorful, its interior lighting is very bright, and most of the furniture on display is in light and bright colors. In order to attract more people’s attention, many candy store owners will spend more time and energy on early design and furniture purchases. When we design a candy store, we can mainly refer to color and uniqueness. The color can match the color of the candy, and the unique display cabinet design can not only attract the attention of children but also attract adults. Today I’m going to introduce a creative confectionery shop used in Angola.

Now there are more and more shops with glass windows, we need to show our shop in front of passing customers to increase the exposure of the shop. So when we buy or renovate the store, we can make a wall and entrance close to the road made of glass. This way the decor and furniture and products in the store can be seen. Products placed in the window can be hot-selling recently or display furniture with eye-catching shapes. The candy cane display is used in this shop. It is a very popular style in both shape and color.

When entering the store, we can see a display of a slide, which can be used by children around 2-4 years old because of its small size. On either side of the slide are display cases for lollipops. It’s in the shape of a house and has two lollipops on either side, which nicely accentuates the theme of our product.

There are multi-colored laminate display cabinets placed against the wall. Each floor is equipped with light strips. Under the illumination of the lights, their color will be more conspicuous and bright. The surface treatment of the display cabinet is high-gloss baking paint, which is very shiny.

On the other side of the wall is a display of candy boxes, which is one of the must-have displays in a candy store. We can use a row of candy boxes to display a large number of loose candies. The effect of their arrangement is very good.

The reception desk is one of the essential pieces of furniture, it can face the entrance. It is very convenient for us to receive customers. It is a double countertop display. The internal countertop can place our computer. The external high table can put the customer’s hand, payment code, and other decorations.

From the top view, we can see the layout of the entire store. Its size is not large, but the overall display effect is very stunning. Mainly it is due to the rich and bright colors as well as some unique display cabinet designs. Coupled with wall and ceiling decorations, it becomes an attractive shop. Therefore, the design of the store in the early stage is very important. We can confirm many details through the design, which is of great help to our later purchase and production of display cabinets.

Candy Store Design

If you want to design your candy store, you can send us the floor plan of your store. We have done many attractive candy shops for many countries, so we can give you a lot of useful advice. And our professional designers will also help us design the interior layout and display furniture styles.