A shop in addition to reasonable placement of goods, but also pay attention to details, in order to be recognized. These details include the store’s environment, layout, colors, background music, and more. The design of the store is different for selling different products. We should arrange according to the characteristics of the product. A suitable store design can make people feel harmonious overall. Next I would like to introduce a candy shop.


This is a rectangular store design. According to the color distribution on the wall, we can divide it into four parts, which are the pink wallpaper area, the yellow toy display area, the rainbow wall cabinet area and the white area.


After entering from the door, there is a red train shaped display on one side, which looks very attractive. We could put dolls on it, about 16 of them. In the middle, a green fountain shaped display stand and a variety of colors platform are placed.

On the opposite side of the model train is a curved counter with two levels of space below for goods. Behind the counter is a purple background wall where the brand’s logo can be placed.


There are four display stands of different colors in the middle.We can install a wall cabinet against the wall.Using wall cabinets can make more reasonable use of space, and placing goods on display shelves can also become a part of the decoration.

On the other side is a three-story yellow display area. We can put the children’s favorite toys in it. At the bottom, we can also set up storage cabinets for you to restock.


In the middle of the third area are six railcar-shaped display stands, each big enough to hold five rabbits. On either side of it is the candy display area. One side is the candy cabinet, which has five levels of display area and can accommodate many small bins.

On the other side is a four-story wall cabinet, which has a relatively large space and can be used to display larger boxes of candy.


On one side of it is the same wall cabinet of candy as the next. On the other side is a three-story display case, which has a large storage space at the bottom. And against the wall, we have a three-story display in the shape of four Windows.


The decorations inside our shop are also very attractive. First of all, our background wall is not a single wallpaper. We have purple wallpaper on the back of the checkout counter and different stickers on the left and right wall cabinets. Rainbow on one side and pink lollipop stickers on the other. And on the inside, we used a pink striped wallpaper. These colorful wallpapers are not visually fatigued, and are perfect for use in candy stores. On the floor, there are also multi-colored line patterns.


Lighting is very important to the presentation of a store. No matter what kind of goods, with the light set off, will look more attractive. And the lighting will make the whole store brighter and more sophisticated. So every store will have lights.

In this store, we have light strips on each level of the display cases. And we installed spotlights above the wall cabinets to make them more attractive. In the ceiling, we have both small lights and blue light strips along the edge of the ceiling. Our ceiling is an irregular shape, which looks more dreamy and fits the theme of the candy store.