Lollipop store decoration

The design of this lollipop store is very striking. As the store’s name or logo is placed on the top of the store. Thus customers can see the position of the brand at a glance. Through the glass door of the candy store, we can see the cracked cars and the products sold inside, which is a good design concept.

Design detail

Besides, the colorful shelf display is a very reasonable layout. On the front desk, we have two large candy canes, which are attached to several Alec jars. This is a very novel design because the unknown version of the crutch is fully utilized and does not take up space in the store. On the wall, we have shelves of various styles, which are ready for our candy. Attaching the wall can make our store beautiful. Secondly, the shelves on the walls are neat shelves that allow us to store these interesting candies and gifts. Soft light strips are placed on the shelves to make the food fresh. This is a very amazing match, the color of the shelf and the orange candy cane look very match, or if you have better ideas, and can also customize them with us.


The position of front desk is designed with a striking big red heart shelf showing a beautiful appearance. Red bold = signs can make us fall in love. The design layout of the candy store is mainly simple and clean, mainly in order to let customers see their favorite target.

Design color

As a qualified designer, his design style can be varied, and he can design different styles and themes for each style. The color of the front desk can also customize. The green background color is consistent with the color of the shelves. You can clearly see that each of our shelves can be equipped with a lot of candy.

Graphic design

Then the picture below is our graphic design drawing. The display and placement of every shelf are carefully designed and selected by designers. The cabinet embedded in the wall can accurately see the positioning of our products through the irradiation of the glass door. This design is very clever. Facade is a good marketing tool, a good facade can bring invisible exposure to your shop.

Lighting design

In fact, as a candy store, lighting is indispensable, and a proper lighting display is very important. Just like the lights in a bar are colorful, the lights in a candy store can’t be so complicated. It should be very simple, because our purpose is to show the candy and not the light, so we can’t let the light steal the show.


The last but not least, we can customize the design and layout of the candy store. According to your ideas, we will provide you with more effective schemes for your reference. Our production artifacts are below, just a small corner of the display, and we also have brochures if you need them. After ten years of precipitation, our quality has always been the peak of the industry, we are more in pursuit of high-end quality, satisfactory replies. Please let us know if you need anything.