Pink store design

We’ve all had the experience of falling into a pink bubble in our memory, and it’s because we yearn to realize that pink dream one day. No matter how old we are, the sight of something full of pink still fires up our inner girly hearts.

store design

We all want the world to be pink because pink is not only a symbol of love but also our desire for a soft place in the heart. Once we enter the store, we can see the pink decorations and pink shelves. It is such a fantastic design

Graphic Design

This is the graphic design drawing of the store. Pink is the design theme of the whole store. We can clearly see the rest and entertainment area, the production area, the cashier area, the candy purchase area, the juice production area, the store design area, and the logo area. These are the main areas of our candy store design How girlish is the display in the shape of pink balloons on the side, a curved shelf display area that used to be our candy and juice-making area, and the cashier front? In the back wall, we designed a curved display shelf. You can design a logo or poster with lights on it .  store design Behind the front desk, we set up two areas, one for making juice and the other for clear objects. Under the operation plan, we also set up a number of kitchen supplies storage cabinets design In addition, we reserve enough space for the device in the area where the coffee drink is made. A storage cabinet is installed below, and the manufacturing machine is placed on the operating table above. The price list menu can also be placed on the electronic design store design  In the design of the store, we left enough positions for staff to operate activities in the middle area, so as to facilitate better operations. At the same time, our operating platform is facing the display of customers, because it is convenient for customers to pick up goods and order. You can see customer feedback design The overall presentation of the store design is a rectangular shape display. On the outside of the shop, we use the design of pink walls, and on the side are some practical pink balloons made of pink walls. In addition, the storefront is covered with a roof, showing a triangular shape. On the edge of the roof, we designed a pink balloon as decoration, and on the top is transparent glass. The reason for this design is that customers can enjoy the scenery outside while they enjoy the design The cement sold on the wall is decorated with some petals, mainly using wind colors and red petals. In the middle position, we also designed a billboard or a logo of the store. Play a good decorative and display effect. The Windows on the back are also made of clear glass so that those inside can see the view from the outside, while those outside can see the decoration and design of the design In addition, the display design of the juice shop with the top outside can be decorated with lights, and the design and structure of the whole store can be displayed under light irradiation. In addition, in order to decorate the storefront better, we can use some stickers on the design store design store design


Our whole store design is relatively clear, this kind of store design is a relatively popular style. Our design as a restaurant is OK. Because drinks are people’s consumer goods, to some extent, they need to present a comfortable state of the store, so that customers can better appreciate the short leisure time. As a matter of fact, our store design can be customized. If you have better ideas, you can also tell us. The shelves of our store design and the design of the whole store can be provided to you. You’re welcome to contact us. Thank you.

store design