In the shopping mall, there are many beautiful and attractive shops. Candy is one of the most popular products. Almost all shopping malls have this kind of candy shop. If your candy shop is different from others, it will make people feel very new and attract customers. If you want to design your candy store, you can contact us. We have professional designers, can make a unique interior design for you, but also can design you a unique shape of display furniture.Here’s one of the designs we made for the candy store.


The overall style of the shop is red and white. After entering through the door, the first display in front of our eyes are two red display stands. It has three levels of display areas, each with a glass compartment, which looks sophisticated and easy to clean. The sides are also fitted with curved glass, on which we can place goods or decorative objects to make full use of the space. And the rounded arc protects our hands from being scraped. It has a picture of a light box on the bottom.

Behind the display stands, there is a front desk area. It has a red striped sticker on the wall background. A brand logo and picture on the wall. A white counter was placed at the front for cash. In the display stands right area, we placed two identical stepped display tables, which have four levels on one side. The side has a glowing 3D brand logo.

To the right is a symmetrical layout with a large area for our multiple display cases.A tree is placed in the center as an ornament, and its counter has a circle of small bins for bulk candy. On either side are three levels of display shelves. One display shelf holds 36 bottles of candy, so there’s room for 144 in total. Of course, we may also use it for other goods, because the space between each compartment is large, we can put large goods.

Wall Cabinet

Using the wall cabinet can help us use the space above the wall and improve the utilization rate of the space. And neatly arranged wall cabinets can make the whole shop look more harmonious, beautiful and generous.

We can see from the picture that the three walls can hold about 18 cabinets. These cabinets are divided into two parts: the display area is above, and the storage cabinets are below. We can customize partitions of different sizes inside the cabinets, so that the space distribution size is different. Then we can put products of different sizes in different compartments according to our own needs, and we don’t need to worry about products that are too big to fit or too small to have space.


We installed many small lights on the ceiling surface of the store and LED light tubes on its side. In addition, we installed spot lights above the wall cabinet and added light belts to each compartment inside the wall cabinet. On both sides of the display stand and on the wall, we add light boxes printed with the brand logo. These lights make our whole shop very bright.