Exquisite candy store

The exquisite candy store comes into view in that the position of each shelf is careful design to have a pattern, in every position to get the task. Whether the interior decoration of the store or the design of the store is very distinctive, today’s store is a whole large candy shop.

Storefront design

In fact, from the general point of view, the store is to present exquisite candy snacks inside the store, which is what customers want to see. At the door stood a striking Mario waving to us, as if to welcome us to share the food. At the same time, the big eye-catching logo seen in the store is our logo, which is very eye-catching and attractive under the irradiation of the electronic screen.

Design detail

The interior design of the candy store is a candy display with a theme of yellow, blue, and purple. Every decorative bottle in the store is a foil to the beauty of the store. Under the illumination of the light, the shelf inside seems to highlight and is meeting its highlight moment. The purple column in the middle is like the pillar of the whole candy store, which is leading the small display stand in the glow. The color and shape of each shelf can be customized if you want to be closer to the theme of your store.

Design layout

When we all know how important the overall layout of a store is, which can indirectly help our store get extra exposure. Neat shelves, reasonable design, diverse decorations, and signs at the front desk. All of these are the links that we need to design. As for a design, there will be a style for each design. This store is exquisite as the theme. At the same time, we will also design some posters or stickers in the store, so that the whole store is a complete individual.

Shelf display

Then as is shown in the picture, each shelf has its own task, its main purpose is to let customers clearly see what it displays. Candy stores mainly display candy, lollipops, or other sweet treats, and this is the task of a candy store shelf. The shelf attached to the wall is a very environmentally friendly design, which can fully fill the vacancy on the inside wall. The opposite side is also a double-sided design shelf so that customers will have a dare to refuse surrounded by candy. The candy store also has a lollipop tree, which is very decorative.

Production picture

Besides, this is the display shelf of various candies produced in our workshop, each of which most suing in style in the candy store. Each candy display case gets its task, showing its different styles and different display angles. So do you like the store design? If you are also looking for a similar design to the store, you can come to us for customization. We also have a large number of design styles for your reference, if you need them, please contact our customer service.