Fantasy theme interior design

Our candy store has a fantastic design theme. As you can see in the picture, the theme color purple is illuminated by the lamp tube. Every item wants to try magic. As if every candy dessert is like us waving, a mushroom chair like a nonsense fairy. The spiral threads of the ceiling are like entering a dream.

Interior decoration

We have candy cabinets all around the checkout counter that are within easy reach, which is probably the most popular place for a child to get close to because the wall of candy and sweets is dazzling. The pink bamboo on the ceiling makes people burst into girlhood, and the purple bow on the front desk is more attractive to children, especially little girls.


The front desk left side of the column table placed a variety of bag decorations built a bag kingdom, purple and white design is how in line with our theme ah. Each one is designed to do exactly the right thing. A candy kingdom gradually formed behind the front desk, and every cupboard was filled with a wide range of goods.

Design detail

The gear-shaped shelf is a novel design, with a circle of soft light strips around it. And making the food appear particularly bright under the light. The front desk logo can be customized, just as you can design a store logo or poster. The ceiling is glittering with pendant ornaments, especially lollipop ornaments hanging from it. It’s as if the hero of a shop is waving to us. The style of candy store interior design can changeable so that people will not feel too rigid and flexible. Like the tinned display shelves on our walls, the Skittles placed inside give the impression that life needs this kind of color. The yellow heart-shaped shelf is also a finishing touch. Besides, the loving design gives customers unlimited tolerance.

Candy counter

This is the display drawing of the interior design so that it seems that our store is very reasonable. In fact, every cabinet has enough space for customers to do activities. The rainbow-colored floor ribbons are wonderful as if they are guiding customers forward. Take us into this amazing design.

The shelves on the walls are very reasonable, there is plenty of room for the candies. The main design not taking up space, and the location of each piece fully utilize. The glass of the facade can see from the outside of the store layout, which more clearly shows the appearance of the store and the products sold.

Manufacturing shop

Besides, this is a candy store designed with a variety of containers, each carefully designed. And each style will carefully selected by us. You can see our designers’ care from the drawings. Whether it is store decorations or store shelves are very nice. If you’re looking for interior design for a candy store, you can contact us. We can customize the shelves or decorations you want. In addition, there are store designs we can do, to figure out a customization, welcome to contact us.