Almost any store will do 3D design before buying furniture. The purpose of designing is to confirm the style of the store, furniture style, color, visiting location, quantity, size and overall effect, etc. The design of the store is very important, it can directly affect our sales. Especially for a candy store. Candy stores are very common stores, so we will have much competition. If we want to open a candy store, when we determine the products we sell and the location of the store, the next thing we need to consider is how to create an attractive shop. A good store design will help us get twice the result with half the effort. When we have not yet developed a brand, the appearance and decoration of the store can attract customer’s attention for us. We are a factory specializing in the design and production of candy furniture, and our candies fixtures are shipped all over the world. Most customers have the same requirements for stores: Bright and colorful. So when we are designing, besides lighting, the most important thing is the design of interior furniture and decoration. Today I want to show you the candy store we design for our clients in Serbia.

Store Floor Plan

This is our customer’s shop floor plan. It is small, the total display area is 44 square meters. It has two rooms, the bigger one is connected to the entrance, it has a window. There are two entrances from the large room to the small room, separated by a wall. We need to design some suitable fixtures according to the shop size and shop and the customer’s requirements.

Store Layout

Bigger Room

Due to space and layout constraints, we cannot place large displays in large rooms. We only have two walls to exploit. If the size of the wall display cabinet is too large, the store will look crowded. So we build using small size wall cabinets. The reception desk is essential, it doesn’t need to be too big, a reception desk for 1-2 people can be used here. A large wall cabinet can also be set behind the reception desk. Small-sized display shelves can be set up in the middle of the store.

Small Room

Since the small room is smaller in size and is the deepest that the client can reach. Here we can use tall large wall cabinets, which can fill the entire room, and we only need to leave a passage for customers. When customers browse our products, they are surrounded by lights and candy goods, as if entering a candy paradise.

Display Furniture

When we walk into the store, we can see that the wall on the right is a row of shelf displays with colorful cabinets. They are made of two parts, the upper part is a white shelf and the lower part is a storage cabinet. Different cabinets can use different colors so that the colors will be more abundant. In the middle is a display of candy canes. It has 6 open bowls, which can hold candies or lollipops. In addition to being a decoration, it can also be used as a display stand.

The display window is a double-sided slat-wall cabinet. Its shape is very special. It is composed of two semicircular slat wall panels. The top and bottom are flat, which can also display products. Next to it is a three-story fountain display stand. It can hold loose candy, this shape display is trendy at banquets or parties.

The reception desk here is small, it is white in color. Inside is a drawer and storage cabinet. Behind the desk is a big heart shape cabinet. It is very large and has a large capacity. So we can place many kinds of stuff here.

This is small room wall display furniture. It has two pieces of wall corner cabinets. They cover the shop’s corner. When customers come into this room, they can see a big wall with many products. And this corner cabinet with led light on each layer is very bright. In the middle is also two tower displays. It has a blue decoration board on top, it is very nice.


When we confirm the final design, we can confirm the shape, size, and color of all furniture. We draw up detailed drawings and then start production. We are a factory specializing in customized furniture, and all of our furniture is produced according to our final confirmed design. Their size is also designed according to the size of the shop. So they are exactly what you want.

Real Shop Effect

When we put all the furniture in the shop and put our product on it. They are very beautiful and useful. Here are the feedback photos for our customers. It attracts a lot of people.

Candy Store 3D Design & Furniture Customization

If you want to buy some custom products, please send us your shop floor plan, your logo, and what you are selling. So we can design the suitable furniture according to your shop area and your business. We have our professional design team, they can help us to finish the design effort. After confirming the final design, we can know the furniture price. Because they are all customized, so we don’t have fixed sizes and prices. You can see there have a lot of beautiful furniture on our website, if you have your favorite one, you can send me. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.