I was in the store and we always came to a store full of snacks and candy. At that time I don’t know if you also have a certain idea of this candy shop. Now let me introduce the candy store design we designed for you.candy store design

Candy store design

The design of this candy store is very gorgeous because the products we sell are candy, snacks, and other food to eat. Therefore, the group facing should be those children and some young people who like to eat snacks, so our design is more gorgeous. Children’s attention is always easy to attract by gorgeous external things, so a gorgeous store decoration is very important for children. Secondly, the decoration of the store also plays a great role, every decoration is carefully designed by the designer.candy store design


The location of the cashier is indispensable in the interior design, and the location of the cashier is also a good marketing place because our first reaction when we enter the store is to find the clerk and find some products we like. What’s more, when checking out, we also need to go to the cashier’s desk, so we will design a large position on the cashier’s desk to display the main products of the store. In addition, we will install two transparent display shelves in the position of the cash register, so that you can have a glance at the goods placed inside.candy store design

Design Detail

The candy display with chocolate color as the theme is also a good choice because we will design two large circular display cabinets in the chocolate color area. And the products inside can directly place on our chocolate products. On the corresponding wall can place chocolate propaganda posters. Below the poster is a display station cabinet with a wall design, which is sort of a large display rack. Soft light strips placed on the sandwich board can make our chocolate dark.candy store design The large lollipop stands out in the middle of the store. It is worth noting that our display candy rack decoration can use to place our candy, with six layers of 360-degree display shelves designed below the lollipop decoration. This is a very good design I think. Because it makes full use of the position of our store, our space is very precious, so we need to cherish every piece of space used. You can’t leave it empty. At the same time, the movable position of our store is sufficient, and the movable space between each display rack and the shelf is sufficient.candy store design If you are interested in our products, please contact us in time. We will provide you with the corresponding design and details you want in time. We can accept customized products.