A nursery is the first social environment a child enters out of family life. It plays a vital role in the development of children’s character, the learning of various abilities, and the cultivation and improvement of quality. Therefore, nurseries should create a good environment suitable for children’s physical and mental development. Next I would like to introduce you to a nursery full of children’s fun.


After entering the nursery, we could see cars of various colors on the left. On the right side is a multifunctional slide for children to play on. It can give children appropriate stimulation, can exercise the child’s body, is conducive to health.

It can also promote children’s athletic ability and enhance their sense of balance and coordination. At the same time, these playplaces can help children familiarize themselves with the environment and even make friends.

Further on are small classes. Coming in from the door of the class, we could see a resting area in the shape of a room against the wall. Then bookshelves were placed on each side against the wall. On one side we also designed a big tree and layered its leaves. It looks very realistic.


Interesting decorations can eliminate the strangeness of the environment for children, and quickly integrate and enjoy the nursery. For example, walls are used to combine with different elements to make the space interesting. It also increases children’s exploration of space.

We put colorful 3D letters on the walls and made them form irregular arrangements. And on the ceiling, we set up a green leaf shape, but also installed a lot of small lights.We also put train shaped cushions on the ground, and it can store things inside.


In nursery, colorful colors can bring rich visual effects to children. At the same time, the nursery design should be simple, generous and orderly. So the color of the nursery should be as soft as possible with warm colors or light colors to decorate, to establish a sense of psychological security for children.

The nursery has a gentle wood-grain floor that is pleasing to the eye. The white display stand against the wall is simple and warm, but also can be embedded in different colors of display stand. On one side there was a grey curved platform, and at its bottom there were two rows of bookshelves. Bright yellow cushions are placed on the floor of the room.


Our production is carried out according to the design drawings. First, our workers will produce wooden models such as bookshelves and trees according to the construction drawings. Then, the product is polished to make it smooth.

Next, we spray paint with various colors, such as white bookshelves, green branches and so on. Above are some of our real production pictures for your reference. In addition, we can not only customize the display furniture in the nursery, but also complete the store design. If you need it, please contact.