candy kiosk

Introduction of Candy House

Welcome to the beautiful Candy House. This is the whole store of our candy display cabinet, which contains many candy containers. Besides, we have made a lot of different styles and different shapes of shelves. If you are interested in our candy house please continue to look, believe that our candy house will bring you surprises and joy yet.

Candy Display

Do brightly colored candies make your eyes light up? Our candy display has a rotating candy in the middle of a chocolate candy at the bottom. There are many kinds of candies in jars. And I believe children will like them very much. It surrounded by candy really wonderful yet~

Middle Cabinet

Look at this colorful candy wall how beautiful, there are children’s favorite bows. Under the pink ceiling, there is a special pink theme candy wall design, and this is a pink theme candy party, so children can enjoy their own nothing in it.

Toy display

The little cartoon people are really lovely. Meanwhile, When you enter the shop, so you can feel that it is a place full of innocence. At that time, it will fill with the joy of children.

Decoration Style

At the same time, this is a candy display shelf full of Skittles. The decorations inside are colorful, with the same theme as Skittles. It looks very delicious. Taking a bite of Skittles is like entering a rainbow world. One advertisement says, “Eat the rainbow, eat the rainbow.” Secondly, the oncoming rainbow lollipops give people an accessible look, from the ceiling you can see the decoration is full of rainbow lollipops! Rainbow lollipops can see in every direction. The display cases near the cash register fill with delicious lollipops in a variety of colors.

Customization and service

This is a wonderful theme, the display cabinet inside is how changeable shape and the color is also in line with the requirements of the theme. In the middle of the store are placed some children’s favorite cakes, and the wall is attached to a lot of rainbow candy. Every candy container has got its responsibility and has been satisfied, which is perhaps the happiest moment of a candy cabinet! You can send us the floor plan of the store. And we will help you design all the fixtures and interior decoration, logo customization, and other services. You can buy what you need and satisfaction from us.