Product introduction

Welcome to our candy shelf display cabinet, The candy cabinets have for ten years we make, so we have a mature production process for this product. The style of the candy store is also colorful. Choosing this style can make customers feel bright because when they enter the store, customers can see a wide variety of cakes and fruits. What a wonderfully happy time! We all know that candy is a favorite food for children and adults alike. Walking into a store to taste candy can make people feel happy and release dopamine happiness factor.

Product detail

What is shown to you is a candy display cabinet for shopping malls and supermarkets, which will contain several parts. The first is our top, which is made up of pillars made of plywood material to create a hollowed-out curved top, on another side we can be placed the logo. The second part is to place a fruit or cake shelf made of glass surface + plywood +logo in the store.

Secondly is an oval snack cabinet where snacks are placed. There are compartments inside, which can place a lot of goods. Third is the cashier at the door, and we can also design the logo below the cashier. In the fourth place, two shelves of different shapes are placed outside the door, which can put some attractive main products, so that passing customers enter the store with curious hearts.  

Besides in the shop, we have also placed two right-angle long-lift cabinets, in which a lot of items can be put, and on which things can be made. In addition, we can also make a sink in the store for convenient cleaning.

We can customize the logo for you outside the store. If you have a good design plan, you can send it to us for you to make. If not, we can provide you with a 3D design. Please let us know if you have any questions or needs. Thank you.