Welcome to the beautiful Candy House. This is the whole store of our candy display cabinet, which contains many candy containers. At the same time, we have made a lot of different styles and different shapes of shelves. If you are interested in our candy house please continue to look, believe that our candy house will bring you surprises and joy.

The Candy Canes

Decorate your candy store with our unique candy canes and statues.

candy kiosk

Product detail

The first stage is the overall display of the candy store, including the roof, store logo, 3D graphic design drawings, and the general structure of the store for you to show. The top of the shop is triangular in shape, and the Windows are made of glass material to display the products sold inside the shop. And around the shop spread a lot of different shapes and bright colors of candy, children or adults will be very like to see. In addition, the gate display pillar is also a candy lollipop, which is made of plywood.

Our square shelf size is 500*300*200mm

Unique Shelf Design

candy kiosk

candy kiosk

Store layout

  • The candy store has a variety of containers, including colorful lollipops, square shelves, candy hanging from the ceiling, candy display shelves that look like cabins, display shelves that come in a variety of colors (the size of which can be determined by the size of the store), You can tell us the size or give us the design drawing), and the cash register made of plywood.

  • We will stop a sink at the front position of the cash register for convenient cleaning. A row of cabinets with doors will be installed below the vanity, which can store a lot of goods. This is the display of our entire store, if you need to customize the color can be based on the overall style of your store, we can customize the color, size, and shape for you, and you can send the design plan to our customer service, or you tell us your needs, we can customize for you. candy kiosk candy kiosk candy kiosk


  • ^_^These are the containers that we display in the store. Each style is very diverse, so it is necessary to choose a good-looking style suitable for the store, and the following is our 3D design. Each candy display case can hold a lot of candy or snacks. Beside You can also place a hose strip on your shelf to show the saturation of the candy under the light. The cabinet is mainly plywood, MDF, paint, and other materials.

candy kiosk

Product information

There will be several sandwich boards on the shelf, on which placing a corresponding LED hose strip. The purple one is where our cash register and sink are. Below is a cabinet with a door for storing goods. We can also make products on the tabletop of the sink. Our main material to plywood as the base material, surface paste fire board, artificial stone table, and stainless steel kick. Bake paint MDF as the base material (the surface is smooth), surface paint. The position of skirting line is made of stainless steel or artificial stone.


The following is our product display picture and making in our factory. And each cabinet is finished through layers of production and more than ten processes. Our production workshop is very large. Candy cabinet is our main product, we have ten years of experience before this, our process is very mature. If you have any questions can contact our customer service, before customization you can contact our customer service first, provide us with your production design drawing, or we according to your needs you to customize to your satisfaction, you are welcome to contact us, we sincerely hope to reach a cooperative relationship with you.

candy kiosk

Note: You will need to contact our sales staff before ordering cabinets.