In the design and decoration process of the nursery shop, we should pay attention to the coordination and unity of the space. And in the material, shape, color processing should be concise. To avoid space color and shape of chaos and stacking, resulting in children’s visual overstimulation. Next I would like to introduce a simple shop with green trees as the main keynote.

Nursery store design layout


Due to the characteristics of children’s physical and psychological development, 0-3 years old children often lack a sense of security. Therefore, in the decoration of childcare shops, we need to build a safe environment for children. Green plants can minimize children’s anxiety and restlessness in unfamiliar environments.

So we decorate the front of the store with four big trees. On the branches of the branches, we also match the green leaves. On the glass walls of the shop, we put stickers of plant leaves. And with the use of glass, children can see the layout of the store from a distance, thus attracting attention. Outside the shop, we also thoughtfully installed tables and chairs for people to rest.


Once inside, we could see a green grassy area on the side and a four-story storage area with a tent. Parents can play with their children here, such as drawing and doodling on the black blackboard newspaper and building blocks on the green table.

Go ahead, is the children’s central paradise. There are facilities such as slides and ladders, so that children can improve their physical fitness while having fun. In the middle, we set up a circle with a big tree and colorful marine balls. Most importantly, we will lawn these areas to protect the children.

Safety is always the first consideration in the design of a nursery. Therefore, the safety of the space and equipment should be examined from the perspective of children in the design of the nursery center. We try to avoid as many dangerous factors as possible in the space and create a safe environment for children to play.

Of course, we will also set up a coffee bar and a seating area nearby. Parents can relax here when their children go to play. Behind this area, we set up a three-story display area. It can be filled with candies of all colors.


Lighting also plays an important role in store design. It can enhance the display effect of goods, create a pleasant atmosphere, so as to create a leisurely environment. Inside the shop, we have installed many white spot lights, which can improve the brightness of the shop. In addition, we also set up a yellow chandelier to enhance the atmosphere.


First of all, after you pay the deposit, we will prepare the raw materials for production. Then, we cut out the branches and leaves according to the drawings. Next, spray the leaves with green baking paint. After the paint has dried, secure and assemble the leaves and branches.In addition to these unique decorative pieces, we can also produce other display furniture.