Storefront design display

This is a purple-themed candy storefront decoration. We can see that there are a lot of candy decorations on the front. It would be amazing if we could decorate some candy on the storefront. Our concept of the store design is to attract customers’ attention first in appearance, so our decorations are essential in the appearance of the candy store. It’s like an enchanted castle that makes you want to go inside for a second look.

candy shop

Ice cream chair

The ice cream chair inside is really delicious. When we sit in it, we will feel that we have entered the world of ice cream. There is also an amusement park, which is designed for children to play, and the chairs are for the parents to rest so that they can take care of both the children and the parents. The stunning interior design really makes you feel like you can’t move, and once you’re in this dream world, you won’t want to leave the door.

Interior decoration

The colorful design of the store, coupled with the white clouds on the ceiling, and the green clouds are truly amazing. The display of each candy cabinet is very reasonable, and the placement of the candy shelves is carefully designed by our designers. Neat and uniform container placement makes people feel relaxed at the end of the day.  It was like being in a fairy tale. Every cabinet was colorful. These are all designed according to the theme of our store. Children love the colorful look. I think the design of the candy cane inside the candy store is very amazing because it plays a finishing effect inside, the difficulty for children to see the first is the ceiling lights shining lights, the second is like eating candy, and then like to play with toys and amusement park. Like this kind of large store design shelves is needed, each color can be customized according to your favorite color or style. In addition, we can also use some beautiful stickers to decorate the wall of the candy store, which will be a nice shop.
It is a good design to have a corner for our candy so that children can focus on their favorite candy or snack. The decorations on the walls are also in line with the theme. You can also design the logo of the candy store in accordance with your shop logo. People enjoy the dream and remember the name of the store by remembering what kind of candy store it is that gives me this magical feeling. The next time I choose a candy store, I will recall the store that I will never forget.

Interior Design

Below is the overall design of our store, looking down from the top of the layout is very clear. Each container is carefully designed, in addition to the placement of each shelf is left in enough position, mainly to facilitate the movement of customers and the scope of activities. Macaron shelves with neat walls and large decorations in the middle attract customers visually. The interior design of rainbow colors is really beautiful. Suddenly the whole world becomes very beautiful.

If you design our candy store interior design please contact us further, and we will provide you with more services. We can accept customization. If you have better ideas, you can communicate with us. We can make a 3D design to restore your real thoughts.

Factory production

The following is the production diagram of our factory. The logo, color, shape, and store design of the candy cabinet are all designed by us for you. You can also customize these products, as long as you need, them the first time to contact our customer service.