Candy stores are one of the most beloved shops for kids, and we all love novelties and bright colors, whether kids or adults. The types and colors of candies are very rich, so when we design a candy store, we can choose a variety of colors and furniture. Different people have different ideas and different views on the design of candy stores. Some people like colorful designs, while others like a single color. In addition to the choice of color, we can also create a themed store. For example, shops with the theme of plants or animals and cartoon characters can determine some decorations in the store. What I want to introduce today is mainly a candy store with the theme of dream forest style.


We can see that the main color of this candy store is purple, and its color matching is very dreamy. In addition to purple, we can also use pink similar to it and add some other colors to other furniture. In this way, the overall look will not be too monotonous. Looking at the same colored color for a long time is not good for the eyes. So we have to learn to match different colors.

Store Decorate

Decoration mainly includes wall decoration, floor decoration, ceiling decoration, and ornament decoration.

Wall Decoration

It is mainly reflected in the patterns on the wall, the decorations hanging on the wall, and so on. This store uses pipes as decoration, and an advertising machine is installed in the middle. It looks like an outdoor industrial style.

Ceiling Decoration

The ceiling decoration mainly includes ceiling lights and some pendants. We can hang some balls of different colors and chandeliers from the ceiling to display.  This can be used both as decoration and as lighting for the shop

Floor Decoration

If we want the floor to have many patterns, then we can lay a PVC floor on the basis of the original floor, which has many colors and patterns to choose from. When choosing a floor, it needs to match the color and style of the entire store.

Store Decoration

Store decoration refers to the decorations or furniture placed in the middle of the store. We use mushrooms ad decoration in this shop, it is lovely fungi. So we can see a lot of outdoor grass or parks with a lot of mushroom decorations. Combined with the decoration and colors in our store, when we entered the store, it was like entering Alice’s dreamland.

Candy Display Furniture

When determining the style and color of the store. We should consider the furniture in the store. When buying furniture, we must first consider what kind of furniture to buy. In addition to selling candies, this candy shop also sells gifts. There are many ways to display sweets, such as through candy boxes, or in bulk and in bags. Different display methods require different display cabinets.

Gifts are usually packed in boxes. If customers need gift boxes to give away when purchasing our products, then we can provide this service. So on the back of the reception desk, we can design a high wall cabinet to place our gift products. Ornaments can use the bow ribbon associated with the gift box for decoration.

Wall cabinets are one of the most essential pieces of furniture in a candy store. They can be customized in various shapes and can be used to display any product. We can install light strips or some pictures on it.

The seating area mainly depends on the size of the store and the nature of the store. If our store sells toys in addition to candy, and the store is large enough, then we can set up a seating area for children.

The size of display cabinet in the middle of the candy store is relatively small and scattered. It has no fixed shape, color, or size. If we want the store to be more colorful, we can try to use different types of display cabinets. On our website, you can find a lot of cute and interesting candy displays.

Candy Store Design

If you want to create an attractive candy store, its design is essential. We can determine its style, the type of furniture, and the effect of decoration through the 3D design drawing. This will help us in our decoration and purchase of furniture. Candy-display is a professional manufacturer of candy store furniture, we can design and provide any shape and color of display cabinets and decorations and so on. If you want to open a candy store, we can discuss the appropriate layout and style together.