For a candy store, the design of the store is very important. A good design can bring many customers to the store. When designing a candy store, the most important thing to pay attention to is the color and lighting of the store. Because of the variety of candy, the use of rich colors can make the candy and the store better match. And the right lighting can make the candy look more attractive. The right design can attract customers to a candy store, especially children.Here is a candy store we designed


The store uses glass walls and doors. This can attract passing guests and show our store to more people. Set up a display case and a cashier counter against the wall. In the middle are display shelves of various shapes.Here are the details.

Front Description

From the top view of the store, the first thing you see from the door is three double-sided display shelves with different colors. It has four levels of display space. On both sides are fountain shelves, on which we can put some mixed candies.

Behind the stepped display shelf is a row of high cabinets against the wall. You can choose different number of high cabinets according to the size of the store.

Right Description

On the right is a red transparent heart-shaped window display case, on which we can place all kinds of unique candies. Because we have glass walls, customers might be drawn in when they walk by our store.

A candy cane is placed next to it. They are usually placed in the window of the store or in the middle of the store. Available in a variety of colours, it matches well with the rest of the furniture in the store.

Left Description

On the left are display cases with unique shelfs, such as a purple snail, a colorful house, a floor standing lollipop stand and a candy tree. There’s a cash register at the back. There fun display shelfs can attarct children as well as adults.


Lighting is also very important for our shop. We added 50 small lights to the roof and five cloud-shaped lamps. This will make our stores brighter and better highlight our products. In addition, we can also add LED lights or spotlights on the display cases according to the needs of customers.


Many rich colors are used in the store. On the top of the outside of the store, we put a rainbow wallpaper, which makes people notice the store from a distance.Then in the store, we use a variety of colors in the high cabinets against the wall to create a rainbow effect, which echoes the wallpaper outside.

Rainbow-colored stickers were also used on the front and back of the counter.In addition, we also use different colors for other display cases. Like a red heart or a purple snail.

About Customization

We are a professional confectionery furniture customization company, we can help you design your counter and color matching. When the design is finished, we can see the overall effect. If you are interested in our candy store, you can send us your ideas and our designers will customize it for you.