It is not difficult to start a business, especially selling food products such as snacks or candy for retail. Because we don’t need to make our own, we just need to buy it. A simple candy store may be simpler, but if you want to expand your business and expand your target customer base, then we can also sell something related to that. Such as gifts or chocolates. The sales of these products are very good whether it is normal or holiday because it has no age and gender restrictions. It is not difficult to start a candy store, we just need to identify what and how we mainly sell. Regarding the design of the store and the production of furniture, we can find a professional factory to help you complete it. Candy-display is one such custom factory.

Interior Store Design

Today I want to show a small candy & gift store interior furniture design, we can arrange the layout and the display furniture according to your business. When we get the shop floor plan, we can see its shape and area. Then we need to consider what we need. For the candy, we need some display furniture, it can be against the wall, and in the middle of the store. If we also sell chocolate and cake. Then we need to buy a fridge case to store and display them. If we have glass wall windows, we can design some beautiful furniture here to attract pass people’s attention.

From the above design, we can see this shop is small. It is main sell candy and some dessert. We all know that candy has many flavors and types. So we need to prepare a large space for it. Almost of the candy is displayed in the candy bins. In this way, we need to design the wall cabinet to store the candy bins. Candy is colorful, so it looks like a rainbow wall. Above the candy bins, there is a long acrylic tube decoration, in which candy models of different colors can be placed.

After setting up the wall display, we can see if we have enough space in the middle. If there still have some space, we can put some small candy or gift display table. It is a double-sided display, we can also store some products. For the candy shop, if we want to make it colorful, we can choose to buy a colorful candy table.

In addition to the small items, the tall column display is above, which can be displayed in two ways. One is a slat wall display, and the other is a table display. On the column, we can hang small items, such as bags of candy. The lower table can directly put boxed products. We can also make some shapes on the top of the columns, here is the shape of a windmill.

The cake display cabinet is usually placed next to the reception desk so that it will be more convenient for us to serve customers. In addition to display cabinets, some light boxes or logos can also be installed on the wall as decoration.


When the final design of the store is finalized, we can clearly see the location, type, and color of all the furniture. Then we will produce them according to the style, size, and color of the design drawing.


Our packaging is very sturdy, we will wrap every corner of the cabinet with stretch film, and then put it into a wooden box with shock-proof foam board inside.