Sweet Life is a computer game room, 3D game, and candy store for children. The project is located in the USA, Texas. We have completed the interior design of two areas: The main cool game room and the colorful candy display area.
Check Beblow The Beautiful Interior Candy Shop Design

Interior Design

The color is the style of the candy shop, but it is mainly purple. Nakajima cabinets use a large amount of purple. In high cabinets, the wall cabinets can be seen in matching purple. The unique model display desk with acrylic decorations can attract children’s attention.

And The main material of the counter of the candy store is MDF, stone, acrylic, stainless steel, etc., combined with high-gloss paint.

Counter Design

We print the aisle with purple, which can not only enhance the visual space of the store but also guide people to the gaming area.

The large windows that allow the natural light to flood in, together with the white ceiling and light vinyl floors, keep the room radiant and bright despite this buoyant explosion of color.

By the way, Is the logo hanging down in the cashier area, do you like it?

Store Fixtures Design

Check Beautiful candy store fixtures, with display stands and shelves.

Along the way to the guideline, we saw the arch area, are you curious about where to go?

While the game room gives off sci-fi vibes and makes use of dark colors and minimal strategic lighting, the candy store is the exact opposite. When emerging from the arcade area into the candy shop, the gamers are welcomed by a bright space, where the purple, blue, and orange tones reintroduce them to the beauty of color.

Floor Plan

Sweet Life Candy Store Interior Design

Since children are Sweet Life’s main customers, we looked for and found our inspiration in two board games that provided us with great ideas in terms of chromatic choices and design elements. We opted for a strong palette of both warm and cold tones but used them differently from one room to another.

In the game room, a circular starry-sky recessed ceiling surrounded by blue lights creates the illusion of an opening into space. The dark carpet with colorful star patterns enhances the sense of traveling into another world, while the custom wallpaper seems to suggest the presence of mysterious lights.

Shop Front Design

Sweet Life Shop Front

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