Candy display kiosk

In the interior of the mall, we usually see the presence of the candy store, this is a good display location. The design of a kiosk is not without the overall layout and the overall theme style. As you can see, this pavilion is a display container on three sides and a cola vending machine on one side. The kiosk with a retail Store exterior is very nice.

kiosk layout

The structure of the kiosk is more practical and suitable for a variety of large-scale shopping malls. On three sides of the kiosk are four levels of food displays, each of which can equip with a different color of candy. The candy on display is especially colorful. On top of the kiosk, we also designed a roof, on which we can place some lamps or posters of the shop logo. It looks very beautiful on the outside.

Details of the kiosk

In the middle place with the top, we can put the logo of the store or install an electronic screen to play some relevant videos. The shelves we display layer by layer make of MDF, and the smooth surface is baked paint. The kiosk theme color is red and white, which is a harmonious match. On the side is a machine that sells Coke and also has a red and white color scheme, which seems to be in line with our theme.

Besides, the location of the logo is our cash register. In the middle part of the kiosk, we designed corresponding cabinets with doors for convenient food storage.


In fact, this is a kiosk of the same type that we designed for a recent client. This is the picture that we produced and packaged and sent. If you are also interested in this candy kiosk, please contact us, we can provide you with relevant information and a design scheme. We can also accept custom production store designs, so the drawing can done.