We are a professional manufacturer of all kinds of cabinets. We have designed all kinds of kiosks, stalls, carts and all kinds of wall cabinets for our customers. If you are interested in our products, welcome to come to consult, we will produce satisfactory products according to your needs. We can either customize individual products or design your entire store.Below is our design of a candy shop.

Front Description

Right in front of the store is an L-shaped cash register. The checkout counter has a pink striped sticker on the outside. On the top of the sticker is a metal rim and a light band.
There is a blue irregular heart shape and a pink gear cabinet on the back. We will install LED light belt and spot lights inside the cabinet. In the middle of the wall cabinet, there is also a 3D brand logo.We also used wood grain PVC flooring and wallpapered the walls with colorful lollipops.

Left Description

Looking to the left, there are blue, white and pink wall cabinets on either side. Each cabinet has six levels of display space, with a storage drawer underneath. Because the space between the compartments is very large, we can place large bags of products in the wall cabinets.
In the middle is a purple double-sided display stand. It has four levels on one side and can hold 64 small cabinets, and its sides are designed as curved display tables for related products or decorations. There are four lockers down there.
At the end, there is a resting area with sofas and tables lined with potted plants and chandeliers. There is also a glowing 3D logo and a heart-shaped lollipop model on the back. The overall color of this area is pink, which fits the sweet shop atmosphere very well.
It is flanked by a pink heart-shaped wall cabinet and a yellow rectangle wall cabinet. Inside the pink wall cabinet are irregular white compartments. We can place different products as needed.

Right Description

On the right side of the candy store, there are two three-level display shelves that look like fountains. We can put some loose candies inside and lay them all out on the top, so that guests can choose their own candies. And we can see that the edge of this display shelf is higher, so there is no need to worry about the candy falling off.
Next to it is a cake-shaped display stand with four sides and five layers. These unique shapes add a lot of interest to the candy store.There is a big screen TV on the wall, which can be used to show advertisements. Underneath it is a row of pink double-decker cabinets with 12 compartments.

If you are interested in our shop styling, please contact us.

We will do our best to meet your needs.