How To Choose Candy?

Candy is the most popular snack, suitable for all ages. Whether it is a holiday or ordinary, of course, it is indispensable. However, in the era of the food safety crisis, deliciousness is second, and health is of course first, so how to choose candy? What are some healthy and delicious candies? Next, you to share a variety of candy snack purchase skills, including hard candy, cream candy, soft candy, crisp sugar, chocolate, chewing gum, etc., and introduce the relevant knowledge of candy consumption preservation. We love to eat sweet things together.

How To Buy Candy

1. Packing

    Good quality candy wrapping paper moisture resistance is good, trademark pattern, candy name is clear, candy packaging is firm, neat, no cracking loose phenomenon, senior candy has several layers of packaging, packaging beautiful. Ordinary candy generally has only one layer of packaging, and some wrapping paper even has no factory name, and the quality is very poor.

    2. Appearance

    A good candy surface is smooth and smooth, with no cracks, no imperfections, no adhesion, no impurities, and good transparency. Sweets do not reveal the stuffing, if the size of the candy is not complete, sticky, no transparency, it is inferior candy.

    3. Taste

    Each kind of candy has its own fragrance, if a candy loses its own inherent fragrance, then this candy has a qualitative change, and consumers should not buy it. Good candy is sweet and smooth, moderate, and has no other odors. Creamy, meringue and chocolate candies should taste fine. And bad candy has a bitter taste and other bad taste. Good candy coat complete, hard candy should be hard and brittle; The fudge should be soft and elastic, and the sandwich should not reveal its filling. All candies should not stick to teeth or paper.

    4. Number of grains

    Candies produced by regular manufacturers have a certain number of grains per kilogram and are uniform in size. If less than 100 grains (blocks) per kilogram, the difference of 2 grains is allowed; 100-200 grains, the allowable difference of 4 grains; For more than 200 grains, the allowable difference is 6 grains of soil.

    5. Melting Caking

    Candy surface wrapping paper has a small amount of sticky, is slightly closed; Begins to melt deformation, and is a serious hair. The white sand layer on the surface of the candy is 1-2m, and it is slightly sanded; At 3-5m, it is serious sand. Hair sand is the phenomenon of recrystallization after the melting of sugar in candy. Serious hair sand, so that candy into crunchy and fragile sand blocks, should not be purchased.

    Various Candy Purchase Points

    Hard candy

    High-quality hard candy is bright and transparent in color, firm and brittle in texture, the particles are neat and symmetrical, the basic ingredient is sucrose, there is a fruit flavor and pure sweet taste, without bitter, burnt taste, if the sugar contains nuts, it is required that the nuts are full and oil-free.


    The high-quality milk candy is softened and does not stick to the teeth. It is flexible to chew and can be pulled into silk by hand. The taste is sweet and milk is strong. Generally, the moisture content of the finished milk candy is about 10%, the reducing sugar content is 14%~24%, the internal contains a lot of air, and the section has many pores.

    Gummy candy

    High-quality soft candy soft sticky, transparent or translucent, colloidal and slightly elastic. The entrance has a sweet, soft, cool and fast smooth taste, and non-stick teeth, easy to dissolve, when eating does not feel putty, common transparent crystal snow fudge, soft fat cotton fudge.

    Crisp sugar

    Good crisp sugar is generally long and mah-jongg shape, block type neat, appearance evenly distributed maltose bones, when eating hemp rich, brittle bones that dissolve at the entrance, thin crisp sugar skin, sugar filling level is clear, do not stick teeth not greasy mouth, do not leave residue after eating.


    The lollipop color should be bright and uniform, smooth and smooth, with no cracks, no adhesion, and no debris, A hard lollipop should be hard and brittle, a soft lollipop should be soft and elastic, a filled lollipop should not reveal, if there is sand do not buy.

    Chewing gum

    You can choose chewing gum according to your taste and sugar tolerance, people with low sugar tolerance can choose sugar-free and low-sugar chewing gum, people who love to blow big bubbles choose bubble gum with larger film strength, and xylitol chewing gum is appropriate for general fresh breath.


    The darker the chocolate, the higher the cocoa content. Good quality chocolate, the appearance is shiny, and delicate but not rough, the pattern is complete, and has a rich and unique aroma, the texture is relatively hard, it will make a crisp sound when it is broken, and the section is relatively smooth.

    Candy Eating Precautions

    Although the taste of sugar is popular, people who love candy should pay attention to it, sugar also has its consumption taboo, if you eat too much candy, it is likely to cause obesity, malnutrition or anemia and other symptoms, so the following candy consumption precautions need to be kept in mind.

    Don’t eat candy on an empty stomach

    On an empty stomach, sugar is absorbed almost immediately without digestion, resulting in a short and rapid rise in blood sugar levels. Temporary high blood sugar reacts with proteins in many important tissues in the body, damaging them and increasing the risk of chronic disease. Forbidden time to eat candy

    Eating candy before going to bed at night is really dangerous because the sugar in the candy we eat must be metabolized through exercise, so sleep immediately after eating candy at night. These sugars will not be consumed and will be transformed into meat on your stomach.

    Pick your candy partner

    On weekdays, we can eat candy with a lower-calorie snack, such as jelly, yogurt, fruit or soda crackers. In any case, it is best to control the total amount of sugar per day to less than 50 grams, so that you can ensure a good figure.

    Learn to choose candy

    When you want to eat candy, you can prioritize natural sweetness, such as pomegranates, apples and other fruits. Not only can satisfy your desire for candy, which oligosaccharides and other sugars, but also promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the body

    How To Keep Candy

    Candy shelf life

    When the average temperature in summer and autumn is above 30℃ and the humidity is large, the shelf life of all kinds of gel gummy candies is not more than 12 months, and the shelf life of hard candies is not more than 12 months. The shelf life of pressed/polished sugar is mainly affected by humidity, and the shelf life can reach 18-24 months when the packaging is well sealed.

    Tin box storage

    Ordinary candy can be stored in the iron box, the storage time should not exceed half a year, and candies containing fat and protein can also be placed in the iron box, the time should not exceed three months, if there is a phenomenon of return and rout, it must be thrown away.

    Cryostorage in glass bottles

    Candy is afraid of heat and tide, and can be placed in glass bottles and stored in a low temperature and non-humid place in the room. Do not place in the sun, nor can it be stored with food containing too much water at the same time, it is best not to store in the refrigerator for a long time.

    Chocolate storage method

    When the temperature is higher than 25 ° C, the chocolate should be placed in the cold room of the refrigerator, and must be sealed with a plastic bag to avoid moisture; When the temperature is below 20 ° C, it can be stored in a cool and ventilated place.

    What if the chocolate melts

    The characteristic of chocolate is that it becomes soft when it is hot, and it becomes hard when it is cold. If the chocolate melts, as long as it is put into the refrigerator for about 30 minutes, it immediately congeals into hard pieces, and it can be eaten, and the taste will not deteriorate.

    5 Tips For Picking Candy

    1. First of all, observe whether the outer package is damaged, whether it is neat and clean, whether the handwriting and printing are clear, and whether the label is complete and regular. The label of candy products produced by regular manufacturers is complete and clear, and should be marked with the name of the product, the name of the factory, the site of the factory, the ingredients list, the net content, the product type, the implementation of the standard code, the shelf life, etc.; Do not buy products that are found to have poor packaging printing quality, blurred handwriting, incomplete labeling, and no production date.

    2, The color of the candy should be normal, uniform, bright, pure aroma, moderate taste, and no other odor; The appearance of the candy should be correct, the edge should be neat, there should be no Angle cracks, and the surface is bright and smooth, the pattern is clear, the size and thickness are uniform, and there is no obvious deformation; Candy should be free of visible impurities.

    3, Preferred large shopping malls, and supermarkets sales of well-known enterprises produced brand-name products.

    4, Buy recently produced, packaging complete products. In particular, some candies containing dairy products, are beyond the shelf life, and easy to deteriorate, the appearance will be yellow, and the taste will have an odor. In addition, if the packing is damaged, the product will be contaminated.

    5, Before going to bed as little as possible to eat candy, after eating candy should brush your teeth to prevent tooth decay.

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