Popular Candy Furniture Used For A Candy Store

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The candy store is a place that needs to attract people’s attention, in addition to the candy products themselves, the various display furniture and details used in the interior have a very important role. The selection and design of display furniture can help improve the visibility and appeal of confectionery products while providing a comfortable and pleasant shopping environment for customers. Even though the furniture in the candy store can vary according to the specific needs and themes of the store, and you can customize or purchase the stock style directly, the display selected in the store will still use commonality and reference.

The ideal candy store display furniture should look chic and glamorous while still being practical and functional. If you are having trouble selecting display furniture for your new store, you may wish to read our article, which may let you have some new experiences and gains.

Here are some very common displays in candy stores:

Front Counter

The front counter plays an absolutely important role in the store. It is the most common display furniture in candy shops and even other shops. It is usually located at the entrance of the candy store or in a prominent position in the middle, and can directly contact customers. It can be used to display confection products and is also the checkout area of the store.

Nowadays, many people will make use of the time when customers queue up to pay the bill. Therefore, the counter design will place some snack shelves or match various devices, so that customers can consume while waiting in line.

In terms of shape design, it will be combined with the actual situation of the store. Generally, it will be designed into a rectangular ring area, where employees provide services for customers. The front counter is the cashier display area, and the back counter is used to make some snacks. Different from the previous glass counter style, today’s counter design will use more materials and elements to match the overall design style of the store, and your store logo will be added on the front of the counter to strengthen customers’ awareness of the brand image.

Stylish Shelves

Shelves are another important piece of display furniture in a candy store. Shelves are often used to display a variety of canned and packaged sweets and desserts, neatly separating the products so that customers can more easily choose and buy. We generally design candy shops will be divided into shelves used against the wall and ordinary display shelves, so that the appearance can be distinguished, and the structural design will be different.

For example, the wall cabinet is generally designed as a one-sided display, based on the lamellar structure, and the bottom will be designed as a drawer or locker form, so that there is both a product display area and storage space.

There is a wide variety of candy products, considering the bulk candy, especially some candy chocolate beans, such as the impressive M&M’s chocolate bean wall, which needs to be displayed with acrylic box, and the design of the wall cabinet needs to be designed and laid out according to the size of the dispenser. Maybe the top half is reserved for the dispenser, and there’s just enough space left at the bottom for storage. Or, to save space, the entire back plate is made of metal aluminum grooves, with hooks that allow you to hang lots of packaged snacks for sale. If you want to adjust the height of the laminate to better display products, then we can follow the AA columns with adjustable shelf in the display back cabinet, so that you can easily display products of different heights.

The cabinets used in other places will be designed to be double-sided display. If the above design criteria are met, they can be customized according to the size and needs of the store, which can be single-layer or multi-layer, fixed or movable. The color and shape of Its can also be adjusted according to the style and brand of the store, which will appear more beautiful under the background of the lamp belt.

Display Rack

Display racks are sometimes called cabinets. They can also be simple shelves or decorative display stands. For this type of display, we will distinguish its distinctive design from the wall cabinet. For example, for some displays similar to house modeling and love modeling, you can see that this rack is transparent modeling, so that customers can see your products at any Angle, but the bottom is generally not designed locker structure.

Floor Stand

If you think of a stand, you may think of a stand that is used to support objects, usually placed on the ground, and used to display, support, or hold objects in place. But for the candy furniture we designed, it was a unique display that was placed directly on the floor. If you have seen our snail bilateral display, bear vertical display, 3-level fountain shape and so on, you will know how eye-catching the stands we offer.

The height of this custom rack is not too high, in order to let more children touch your candy products, but also with bright colors, and the general metal rack is very different.

Sitting Area

After talking about some of the main furniture used to display the product, sitting furniture is also essential. Of course, the arrangement needs to be made when the store area is sufficient. When your candy store can place some tables and chairs like ice cream, it will definitely attract customers to stay, so as to extend their time in your store and create more consumption possibilities.

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