Should Know About Designing A Candy Kiosk

Who doesn’t like candy? Candy can bring people a happy and happy feeling. The mere mention of the word puts a smile on our faces and fills our taste buds with delightful anticipation. Candy is a joy that transcends all ages, bringing joy to young and old. And what better way to enjoy this sweet pleasure than through a candy kiosk? And designing a candy kiosk is like embarking on a whimsical journey where creativity and sweetness collide.

If you are planning to start your kiosk business in a shopping mall, but don’t know where to start, I believe that after reading our article, you will have an understanding of the design process. We’ll explore every aspect of designing a candy kiosk and take you through your first steps in designing a candy kiosk.

Kiosk Structure

First of all, the structure of any kiosk is the top priority. There is no separation between design and actual production. We need to consider its aesthetics, as well as actual production, whether it can be produced, and whether the structure is stable. It should be eye-catching, vibrant, and alluring, drawing you in with its vibrant colors like candy wrappers.

We generally make counters with a width of 600mm and a height of 1000mm. Because it need to be placed and matched with acrylic boxes to display confection goods, many of them will be designed as stepped laminates or combined with glass counter display to reserve enough space to display products. At the same time, you need to combine your brand image for shape design and color matching.

If your mall allows it, that candy kiosk can have a curved roof that resembles a giant candy cane, or a candy-inspired sign that draws attention from afar. The walls should be decorated with posters featuring oversized lollipops, gummy bears and all manner of mouth-watering candies. Or combine the machine with other snacks to help you attract more customers.

Kiosk Inside

When you get to the inside of the kiosk, it should be like stepping into a candy wonderland, neatly organized and stocked with candy goods. Most of the candy kiosks are closed-style, and it is generally difficult for customers to enter. At this time, when we design the interior space, we will prefer the storage function.

If you prefer an open structure, then not only should the shelves be stacked with countless sweets, each displayed in an inviting manner. Candy jars labeled with flavors like Tropical Delight or Bubble Gum Explosion should be strategically placed on the counter so customers can see and smell the candy up close.

Kiosk Seating

Try designing seating areas in other areas of the candy kiosk where customers can congregate and interact, and even sample the candy before making their selection. A colorful seating area with bean bag chairs and vibrant cushions will be the perfect place to savor the sweetness of the candy world. While improving customer shopping experience, more customers will share their shopping experience in social media, which will bring you more attention invisibly.

Brand Logo Integration

In the retail industry, branding has become an integral part of business success. And candy kiosk is a business that relies heavily on brand effects. Customers can see all kinds of kiosks when they walk into the mall. The purpose of the candy kiosk is to attract customers and create a memorable experience with vibrant and colorful confectionary merchandise.

So when we design candy kiosks, it is very necessary to learn from and combine your brand logo. It plays a vital role in conveying the essence of the brand and attracting the attention of potential customers. It is also the first point of contact for customers. Can leave a lasting impression.

We can incorporate the colors or letter shapes in your logo to embellish and decorate the kiosk so that even if customers fail to see your logo, your kiosk will subtly affected it.

Combine Decorations

In addition to considering your brand logo, appropriate fun and colorful decorations will also add uniqueness to our kiosks. Of course, the use of color is the primary choice when designing candy kiosks. In some counterparts, we will also use candy stickers or candy shapes to decorate, and add LED light strips and acrylic logos to set off the candy kiosk. Different and attractive.

Individualized Packaging Area

In order to further enhance the customer experience, the candy kiosk should also be designed a place where customers can personalize the packaging. In the face of fierce market competition, the candy kiosk should be integrated with the elements of gifts. Customers can choose candy wrapping paper according to their personal preferences, which will be simple candy into a heartfelt gift. This personalized touch will make the candy kiosk a go-to spot for birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion that calls for something sweet and is sure to bring you some great traffic. Plus, offering samples of new and seasonal candies allows customers to try them before buying, making their candy exploration even more exciting.

In short, designing candy kiosks is not as simple or as complicated as we think. First, you need to know the size and all the ideas you need, combined with the brand to create, with the help of a professional design team, will be sure to wait until a good unique candy kiosk.

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