Top 4 Most Popular Internet Celebrity Candy Stores in the United States!

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Candy is one of the popular foods. Both children or adults have a demand for candy. Studies have shown that the average annual sugar consumption of Americans is as high as 70 kilograms, and the daily daily is 192 grams. Affected by the current oil prices, in order to reduce costs, people will continue to reduce the expenses of unnecessary products, but food is still a big consumption, especially candy shops. Candy not only satisfies people’s sweet pursuits but is also more likely to bring people with people. Feel happy. Therefore, the investment in a candy store is absolutely correct.

At this time, you should think about how to open a popular candy shop. As an Owner who just started opening a store, how do I decorate and choose display furniture in the store? Don’t worry, we will analyze 4 very popular candy stores in the United States next. By looking at the successful cases, we will get more inspiration!

1. Sugarfina -The Tiffany of Candy

When it comes to a candy store, everyone should be no stranger to this luxury candy store brand. Sugarfina is also crowned as “Tiffany in the candy industry”. They satisfy all the fantasies of young people about candy, exquisite and beautiful dreams, and many young people have to buy a few friends who give them to themselves, or put them on a party or picnic. However, when you look at the price, people will also make amazing sounds. For example, the best-selling champagne bear candy, a small box is $ 8.5, which is equivalent to the one-hour salary of the cashier. This price is indeed one of the most worthwhile candy stores in the world.

Although the price of candy in the store is high, Sugarfina also has a place to conquer everyone.
First, the type of candy is rich. In order to sell the best candy, the team has visited dozens of countries around the world and tasted thousands of candies around the world. From this candy, the taste is good. The brand currently has 150 kinds of candy, of which 60% come from overseas. In addition to field inspections, they also pay more attention to young people’s taste experience.

Sugarfina specifically designed young people’s favorite flavors, such as champagne rubber candy, bitter Ai sugar, and pure malt Scottish whiskey. In addition, there are many series, such as summer themes. They make watermelon, beer, and ice cream into a candy shape. Different flavors of candy can also be sold individually. For example, the Sugarfin Bento Box Gift Box Creative comes from the Bento Box of Japan. It can put 8 different flavors at a time.

Of course, youthful candy brands also need to provide customized services for enterprises. Like the hot champagne-flavored bears, the new taste of Rosé all day is now produced, which is made with Whispering Angel Rosé Peach Red Wine to condense Rosé’s original juice. What shocked us was that shortly after the company was established, it was listed as a supplier of Facebook Gifts by Facebook to send physical gifts to users.

There is also a key design style. It is very important whether it is the design style in the store or the packaging of the candy products itself. Sugarfina packaging boxes are mostly Tiffany blue with high recognition so that you will feel a dreamy feeling. The first physical store is located in Beverly Hills with a total area of 1,400 square feet. The overall decoration is mainly fresh white, creating a clean and high-level atmosphere. Because of its special brand design positioning, the company is known as Tiffany in the candy industry.

2. Dylan’s Candy Bar

This is a candy shop that stars such as Madonna and Beckham love. Dylan’s Candy Bar has many candy and candy-related gifts around the world and is the world’s largest candy store. In 2001, Dylan Lauren took the lead in creating the world’s largest candy boutique store.

The decoration of the gorgeous candy fan, the furnishings of various realistic candy shapes, and countless various candies stuffed every corner of the shop, sweet and overflowing, clever and artistic integration. Its flagship store in New York City has been on the list of “Top Ten” tourist attractions in New York City since its establishment and has received more than 2 million tourists each year.

There are three floors in the store. On the first floor is a candy bar and a restaurant, which will sell the giant cup of marshmallow cocktails larger than the head, as well as a chocolate hot pot that can be DIY. The second and third floors are the main areas of candy products. There are types of over 7000 so you will definitely choose the candy you want.

As soon as I step into the shop, it is overwhelming and eye-catching. With a unique shape, you will definitely be attracted by the huge candy trees and various decorations in the store. Few people will feel sad in her shop, and even temporarily forget the troubles of tooth decay and fat!

3. Shane Confectionary

What would be like a candy store more than a hundred years ago? The oldest candy store in the United States is located in Philadelphia. It is not only a store, but also a centennial epitome of the people of Philadelphia. How to change the era for a century, it has maintained elegant decoration and quaint candy flavor.

After taking over the store, the new shop owner still maintains the exquisite traditional carving counter and curved glass display cabinet. It uses pale blue and pure white colors to give people an elegant and fresh feeling. Not only does the store look like returning to more than a hundred years ago, but even the clerk looks like a person more than a hundred years ago-of course, it does not mean getting older, but they will all uniformly put on nostalgic uniforms in the past.

The atmosphere of the whole candy store was full of a sense of atmosphere, and the customer seemed to cross the store. In order to unify the style, even the display of many candies is still specially placed in the traditional glass tank. Today’s SHANE candy store not only sells sugar and chocolate but also sells other baking pastries.

candy wall

4.M & M Chocolate World

Visitors who stroll in Leicester Square in London will be attracted by a sweet smell. Following the aroma, the M&M’s World, which is presented in front of it, is displayed in front of you. The world’s largest (3250 square meters) candy store opened in 2011, selling only one household name -M&M.

What is most impressive in the M&M world is “the sweetest wall in the world” -the wall composed of chocolate beans of different colors. Each transparent plastic tube fills the same color Chocolate beans have quite rainbow-like effects, giving people a visual impact. The most wonderful thing is that this is also the self-service vending machine for chocolate beans. Take a plastic bag from the wall, you can mix and match your favorite color.

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