Top 8 super delicious candies, How many have you tried?

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There should be many people who like to eat candy. No matter whether you are aged people or grown-up, not to say the children, Sugar always gives a happy effect that everyone enjoys. Therefore, many people want to eat candy or some desserts when free.

With the development of the new society, we have more and more candies options, some of which are produced by local companies, and some are imported. Whether it is imported or local candy, the taste is always excellent.

So do you know which is the most popular candy among the many types of candy? Here are the top 8 delicious sweets that deserve to try.

1. French Phillon Constellation Fruit Candy

This candy is very distinctive. It is designed according to the constellation and has twelve different colors, each of which has a different taste.

But all of them are fruity. There is a faint fruity aroma in eating, and it is not very sweet and will not make people feel sweet.

Both adults and children can try it, and there are 12 flavors, which can be changed and eaten without getting tired.

French Phillon Constellation Fruit Candy

2. Russian purple candy

Russian purple candy has been trendy recently; some are bought during festivals.

The outer skin of Russian purple candy is chocolate; the inside is hazelnut filling, and the hazelnuts are crushed and added to the chocolate, which tastes very layered.

The hazelnut flavor is complete, the chocolate flavor is also very fragrant, and the taste is relatively sweet.

Russian purple candy

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3. Big White Rabbit Toffee

White Rabbit Toffee is a classic candy in our country and is a childhood memory of many people. It is packed with a white rabbit, which is very simple and elegant.

The milk flavor is rich, the taste is relatively smooth, and it is delightful, which is very popular with children.

Nowadays, many people buy some white rabbit toffee from time to time to pursue their childhood memories.

Big White Rabbit Toffee

4. Thai Bell Milk Candy

Someone may have eaten this candy, but I need to find the name. It is similar to the milk tablets we eat now.

Only the packaging is slightly different. It is packed in a bottle, and the shape is the shape of a Q version of a cow. The milk is full of fragrance, and the taste is sweet.

In addition, it is made of pure milk, which has high nutritional value. Overeating will not harm the body but can provide us with nutrition.

It is the highest-selling candy in Thailand, and many countries import this milk flake candy.

Thai Bell Milk Candy

5. Japanese Sakura Fudge

The appearance of this candy is beautiful, the color is pink and tender, and it smells of very fragrant cherry blossoms.

When you eat it, you can feel the whole mouth with the taste of cherry blossoms, and the aroma of cherry blossoms will last for a long time, which is very popular among girls.

Japanese Sakura Fudge

6. Vietnamese Sugar

Vietnamese Pai Candy is not like candy but like a dessert. It has four layers of sandwiches, the outermost layer is shredded coconut, the second layer is cream, the third layer is wrapped with wafer crackers, and the last layer is covered with Peanuts or nuts that have a rich taste.

Vietnamese Sugar

And it is made of coconut milk, so the coconut flavor is robust. If you like to eat coconut, you must take it.

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7. Jiayun Fruit Candy

The fruit candy is a German soft candy made from pure fruit juice, and without any flavoring ingredients, the fruit taste is super strong.

There are many colors in a box, and different colors represent different flavors; plus, it does not have any saccharin, you can eat it with confidence, eat a few more, and supplement vitamins.

Jiayun Fruit Candy

Those candies are fitting inside a beautiful candy container, some of them are in a nice glass or acrylic bolltle, while others may in a metal box.

8. Fujiya Lollipop

Many people should have eaten the lollipops produced by Fujiya in Japan. Its packaging is so cute and novel that it makes people want to try it.

And its milky fragrance is powerful; it is the authentic toffee that many people like to eat, it is not very sweet, and many people can accept it.

Fujiya Lollipop

Have you tried these delicious candies? Tell me, Which candy is your favorite one?

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