What aspects should we pay attention to when opening a candy store?

Candy with colorful colors, beautiful packaging appearance, and sweet taste attract us as profoundly as magic claws. Starting a candy store business became many owners’ dream idea. So, what should we pay attention to when opening a candy store?

Basically, candy and chocolate are aimed at young consumers under 35 years old, while in some western countries, many older people also fancy sweet foods. To create a warm and lovely atmosphere for your Candy store and stimulate the purchase rate of consumers, you need to come up with a unique and attractive idea. For example, you can stick some cute cartoon characters and comics on the wall, use m&m candy statues, put a candy tree in the middle of display trays, set up charming dolls and toys in the candy, or set up a message board full of youth.

candy wall acrylic tubes
candy wall displays

How to display candy logically?

The placement of candies are subject of knowledge: the top shelf is a high-end price for white-collar workers who pay attention to brands. In the middle is the average price that everyone can afford. There are some small gadgets at the bottom for the public, mainly for children. The variety of goods shall be as comprehensive as possible, and consumers can freely select all kinds of desired candies.

Project characteristics

There are few candy stores in China at present, but with the improvement of urban consumption, there will be a huge market space for candy in mainland China. According to the shopkeepers who have already done business, candy sales performance is soaring. Most customers are young, and 70% are repeat customers. When purchasing goods, candy stores should consider a good combination of high and low prices, and constantly updating the goods is the key to success.

Make A Full Business Plan

The candy industry’s development market is broad, but there are also many problems to consider if you want to run a candy store with a good income. The shopkeeper should make a good plan for starting the candy store. And you need to make the business plan according to local conditions. When opening a retail candy store in a business street, the shopkeeper should also summarize his management methods and pay attention to after-sales service. The success of his business will soon be in sight after he has done an excellent job in these aspects. A perfect store design is also essential for candy store owners.

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countertop lollipop display

The Store Location is Essential

The choice of this store location should account for the actual local consumption level. Prosperous business districts, youth-centered schools, and cinemas with large visitor flows are all excellent choices.

Source Selection

Candies are generally only available from large food companies. For the newly started stores, it is still cost-effective to join the candy stores with catering, which can reduce the worries about purchasing channels, brand management mode, etc., and let the operators avoid many detours.

Price variety

To open a candy store, you should be persistent in the price range. It is impossible to become rich in one day. In terms of price, it is better to adapt to the popular price and let customers decide by themselves. Don’t match it. Otherwise, it is easy to cause dissatisfaction.

Business Strategy

The price is low, and the variety is essential, but the taste is more important. All industries related to food should pay attention to customers’ preferences. The best way to attract repeat customers is to have their unique flavor. People in cold areas are generally afraid of being sweet and greasy. People in these places need more calories. Therefore, desserts in the north are lighter than those in the south. When setting up candy stores in different areas, we should consider the local people’s eating habits. Modern people usually eat a rich diet and absorb nutrients. They generally don’t like sweet things.

Whether the candy store will win or not depends on the location of the store. Here, we remind investors to be cautious in the background.

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Choose The Right Products

The imported candy stores are in the initial introduction stage, and the profits are relatively prosperous. According to insiders, the profit margin of operating an imported candy store is generally about 40%. If the candy chain stores use a foreign food agency directly, the profit margin will reach 60%.

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